1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Celebrates First Mother's Day Since Divorce With Michael Halterman

1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Celebrates First Mother's Day Since Divorce With Michael Halterman
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @amyslaton_halterman; TikTok | @amyhalterman87

1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton celebrated her first Mother's Day alone after her recent split from ex-husband, Michael Halterman, In Touch reported.



The reality TV star celebrated Mother's Day for the first time since her messy divorce and certainly didn't let heartbreak stop her from living life to the fullest. She posted a TikTok video of herself, proudly posing in a stylish but casual white and red jersey, showing off her iconic purple hair and flaunting her piercings. Slaton captioned the post with wishes to all the mothers among the 159.7K followers on her account."Happy Mother's Day!! 2023" Slaton wrote, with the upbeat fitting song, Happy Mother's Day by Skylar Kaylyn playing in the background.



Slaton's followers returned the wishes in an equally celebratory tone. "Happy Mother's Day Amy! You deserve it!" said a fan. "Happy Mother's Day! You're doing great," said another. Her entire comment section was full of love and warmth from fans who encouraged her. Slaton also changed her status to "Single Mom" as she slowly but surely adjusts to the single lifestyle.

The reality star shares two sons with her ex-beau - Gage Dion Halterman and Glenn Allen Halterman - both of whom she deeply adores. The former couple separated earlier this year, with Slaton accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence and Halterman vehemently denying the accusations. After a fight that followed at the Kentucky courthouse, Slaton dropped the charges, though she refused Halterman's new joint custody plan for the children.



Celebrating the single life, Slaton recently updated her feed on Instagram with a bubbly post of herself with a set of friends at a supposed girls' night out. The post, which also features Amy Slaton's sister Tammy Slaton, is a carousel of pictures in which the mother-of-two initially wore a blue hoodie and huddled up around her friends. Following this, Slaton was all smiles with her sister and a comedian whose show they had gone to watch. The carousel also features the sisters having a blast, surrounded by cute fluffy puppies. The following pictures had more snippets from the night, with Amy Slaton looking like a total bombshell in a gorgeous black get-up, highlighting her striking purple hair.



The proud mother also uploaded a sweet post celebrating 10 months of her son Glenn Allen Halterman in a heartwarming carousel, recalling precious moments from his life. The little baby boy is quite the stylish icon at just a few months old, wearing a neon green top, black shorts, and Reebok socks. The post was captioned with Slaton celebrating the milestone and boasting of her son's character: "I love watching you and boy playing with each other," she said emphasizing the relationship between the brothers. "You are a wonderful goofy baby. And you are So loved!" The reality show alum actively dedicates posts to both her sons at every opportunity available. 

Fans flooded the comments section with delight, love and positive affirmations while emphasizing Slaton's progress with motherhood. Other commentators mentioned Allen Halterman's resemblance with Slaton: "He looks like his mama," said someone. "He looks like Amy," followed another.

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