Spam Policy

Our spam policy is simple: we don’t do it, and we don’t accept you doing it to us.


If you spam comments on this site, we will block your user name and IP address.

Forums/ Social Networking Sites

While we always appreciate that readers will share links to The Inquisitr on forums and social networking sites, we encourage you not to do so in a fashion that may constitute spam.

Further, we are aware that somebody has been spamming links to The Inquisitr on forums, presumably using an automated program.

These links are not from us, and we encourage forum owners to block the IP address and email address these spam entries are coming from.

Further, we encourage forum owners to report the IP/ email address of any such spammers to the excellent Stop Forum Spam blacklist.

We are aware that in one instance, spam has been sent out via an ISP in Russia. The support email address for this ISP is We’ve asked them to block the user sending this spam, but they asked for further evidence; if you have such evidence on your forum, please forward it to them, and help us stop these attacks on our name, and on your forum.

You can also use the Stop Forum Spam resource to check IP addresses as for the origin of the attack.

While we have an idea about who is doing this spamming, we have no hard evidence. Anything you can do to help us stop this spam, such as identifying individuals involved is welcomed.