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UFC News: Everybody Wants To Fight CM Punk


Well, it looks like Jason David Frank, formerly the green Power Ranger, isn’t the only person who wants to step into the octagon with former WWE champion CM Punk. It’s been reported by F4WOnline’s Bryan Alvarez that dozens of people with varying MMA experience levels have been calling UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, begging to be… Read more »

Breaking News: CM Punk Signs With UFC

CM Punk to UFC

Well, it was speculated before tonight’s UFC 181 that CM Punk would sign with the UFC, and now, he has. After the first fight on pay-per-view, Joe Rogan come on-screen and talked with the new UFC fighter, and former WWE star CM Punk. Punk said “I’m here to either kick people’s a**, or get my… Read more »

UFC 180: Leslie Smith Almost Lost Her Ear, Begged To Keep Fighting [Video]

Leslie Smith

MMA fighter Leslie Smith wanted to keep fighting during UFC 180 on Saturday night – even after her ear started falling off. During the highly-publicized UFC event, Jessica “Evil” Eye landed a brutal right punch to the left side of Leslie Smith’s head – opening Leslie’s ear up almost immediately after impact. Once the devastating… Read more »

Chael Sonnen Not Sorry For Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs

Sonnen unapologetic

This past June former UFC star Chael Sonnen failed not one, but two drug tests leading into his subsequently cancelled fight with long-time rival Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen, who testsed positive for both human growth hormone (HGH) and Erythropoietin (EPO), chatted with well-respected MMA journalist Ariel Helwani in Sonnen’s debut episode of his new podcast entitled… Read more »

Bethe Correia Pounds Shayna Baszler, Calls Out Rousey For Title

Bethe Correia UFC Promo Shot

Yesterday’s UFC 177 had a short but fast-paced women’s bantamweight bout between Bethe Correia and Shayna Baszler. The undefeated Bethe Correia soundly trounced Baszler in a two-round fight that was fast and brutal. Early in, Correia hurt her opponent and then began an onslaught of bodywork, moving so fast and raising to her head often… Read more »

Ronda Rousey Tries To Sell Fans On Gina Carano Fight, Does Horrible Job

Ronda Rousey 'Scared' Of Gina Carano

COMMENTARY | Ronda Rousey plans for her next fight to be against Gina Carano, according to a recent report from WebProNews, but she’s being a little obvious in her attempt to promote it as something worthy of a pay-per-view buy. Indirectly countering criticism that the fight would be a joke because Carano’s last fight was… Read more »

Christy Mack Posts Photos, Statement About Alleged War Machine Attack

christy mack war machine after attack

Adult film star Christy Mack issued a statement from her hospital bed detailing what she says happened when mixed martial arts fighter War Machine allegedly attacked her earlier this week. Mack also tweeted photos showing the extensive injuries she’s suffered. The attack, which took place early Friday morning, involved Christy Mack and an unnamed second… Read more »

UFC To Sign Gina Carano For Dream Match With Ronda Rousey

Gina Carano to sign with UFC

Gina Carano hasn’t fought competitively in over five years, and has spent most of that time away working on her acting career. But if Dana White has his way, Carano will soon once again slide on the gloves and enter the octagon to fight for the UFC. Reports say that White is telling associates within… Read more »