Shaq Paid For Everyone's Meals At His Favorite Restaurant

Shaq Paid For Everyone's Meals At His Favorite Restaurant

There doesn't seem to be any scientific studies delving into a potential correlation between Shaquille O'Neal's stature and capacity for generosity, but it does seem that the man's heart is as large as his frame.

The 4-time NBA Championship winner visited Kenny & Ziggy's New York Delicatessen in Houston, Tx, and paid for everyone's meals in The Schmooze Room, which is the biggest private dining area the eatery offers.

The business posted about his kind gesture on its Facebook page, with an employee of the establishment posing for a selfie with the Inside the NBA host.


The restaurant wrote, "Our friend Shaq paid us a visit today. This was his first time at the new store, and (he) loved it! He is such a Mench – he bought everybody’s meal in The Schmooze Room! What a great guy."



NBC New York reported that O'Neal purchased a house in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Carrollton property is purportedly 5,300 square feet and sports five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two half baths.




The move is rumored to be a part of Shaq's decision to expand his Big Chicken Restaurants throughout the DFW area and the state of Texas.



O'Neal has said that one of his favorite things to do whenever he's out is to purchase things for fans, especially children. He told People magazine in an interview: "My favorite thing to do is when I'm in Best Buy, Walmart, if I see a kid, get them something that I see he's looking at."



He did joke, however, that he always tells kids to get permission from their parents first, so as to not reinforce the bad habit of accepting gifts from strangers. "I always tell them to ask their parents if they're going to take things from strangers. You don't want kids to get used to having a stranger come up and say, 'Hey, I got a whole lot of money. Can I buy you something?"



Shaq doesn't record his own acts of generosity, but because he's such a well-known public figure, O'Neal naturally gets recorded doing things for others. Like when he bought a teenage with big feet ten pairs of sneakers as his mother couldn't afford them.

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