Basketball Timeline

Clippers Vs. Spurs Series Turns Into NBA’s Best of 2015

Clippers vs Spurs

The NBA Playoffs series features the Clippers vs Spurs was billed as being a first round bout between two heavyweights. For a while, it looked as if the series might fizzle out, but in the end, the Clippers vs Spurs matchup delivered on all its promise. It’s a safe bet that when people look back… Read more »

Spurs Dismantle Clippers, Lead Series 2-1


If this was the season the San Antonio Spurs were supposed to lay down and end their Championship run, someone forgot to tell the Spurs. The U.S. News And World Report is reporting that the Spurs went back to its “interchangeable parts” game plan and took a 2 games to 1 lead over the Los… Read more »

Sam Dekker Heads To NBA, Leaves Legacy And Tribute To Wisconsin

Sam Dekker heads to NBA

Wisconsin college basketball standout Sam Dekker announced earlier today that he would forgo his final year in Madison and head to the NBA. Hot off an amazing Final Four win against an unbeaten Kentucky team and a tough NCAA championship loss (some would say referee-inspired loss) to an outstanding Duke team, Sam Dekker has announced… Read more »