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Taylor Swift May Receive Bad News About Her ‘1989’ Album This Week

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 1989 has been in the top five on Billboard‘s album chart for the past 24 weeks. According to Headline Planet, Taylor’s top five reign is about to end. “Based on current projections, five albums are set to achieve greater levels of weekly consumption than Taylor Swift’s ‘1989.’ If they indeed do so, they… Read more »

Maroon 5 More Popular Than Ever As They Come Of Age After 21 Years

Maroon 5

American pop-rock band Maroon 5 have been together for 21 years. Just think about that for a moment. Maroon 5 were formed in Los Angeles in 1994 in the year that One Direction’s Harry Styles was born. Maroon 5 were a band 10 years before Simon Cowell’s X-Factor started its first UK season. Admittedly, Maroon… Read more »

Miranda Lambert Is Showing The Men Just How It’s Done

Miranda Lambert Only Female Entertainer Of The Year

The “Little Red Wagon” singer and better half of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, is hot right now, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Lambert is the only female artist nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards. How exactly does the country star feel about it? In a word, “proud.” This… Read more »

Britney Spears Heckler Fat-Shames At Las Vegas Concert, But Pop Princess Pops Back

Britney Spears heckled a heckler and then got happy again.

Britney Spears gave a heckler a piece of her mind at her “Piece of Me” concert in Las Vegas. When the audience member informed her of his negative views about her body, Britney responded succinctly before resuming her concert without missing a beat, reported People. “Fat b**ch,” the fan shouted. “F–––––– a––––––,” responded Britney. Spears… Read more »

Lana Del Rey’s Odd Record Store Day Tribute: 2015 Vinyl Top 10

Lana Del Rey has had a long list of vinyl record success that continues into 2015.

Just in time for Record Store Day 2015, Lana Del Rey is breaking through the top 10 vinyl record sales charts. Although Lana Del Rey is not featured on the Record Store Day website, new statistics show that maybe she should be a bigger part of the annual vinyl record celebration. In addition to breaking… Read more »

Sam Smith: Is Singer’s Career Being Wrecked By Plagiarism Claims?

Sam Smith

English singer-songwriter Sam Smith was unquestionably the biggest breakthrough music act of 2014. Since winning both the 2014 Brit Critics’ Choice Award and the BBC’s Sound of 2014 polls, Sam Smith’s popularity soared, and he became a star on both sides of the Atlantic. Sam’s debut album In the Lonely Hour was the only album… Read more »

Jerry Seinfeld On Kanye West And His Venture Into Rap

Kristen Wiig & Jerry Seinfeld Visit "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

The name Jerry Seinfeld is not synonymous to rap, yet still Seinfeld appears on the rap album that is currently atop the Billboard 200. In fact, the album is heavily inspired by Jerry Seinfeld. Recently, the Inquisitr published that Noel Gallagher was a huge fan of Jerry Seinfeld. However, Wale may just clinch the title… Read more »

Mariah Carey Goes Diva On Her Former Publicist

Mariah Carey Goes Diva On Cindi Berger

Mariah Carey has confirmed her decision to hire a new publicist after almost 15 years working with Cindi Berger. But the question of who left who has the pop star fuming. According to TMZ, Mariah Carey sent a letter to Berger officially ending their professional relationship together prior to news of the split going public…. Read more »

Metallica – Kirk Hammett Spills The Beans On New Album

Metallica New Album

Matallica fans have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the band’s new album, something they haven’t experienced since the 2008 release of the critical and popular hit LP Death Magnetic. Recently, Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, gave a vague indication that the band was actually in the process of recording the new album. More… Read more »