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Did Led Zeppelin Steal ‘Stairway to Heaven’? Court May Say Yes

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven plagiarism case copied

Led Zeppelin may top lists of reigning rock heroes, but one of their most iconic songs could very well have been written at the hands of another forgotten 1970s songwriter. At least that’s what a Pennsylvania district court just ruled, reported Billboard. The plaintiff in the case is the guitarist of the band Spirit, who… Read more »

Bono Apologizes For Automatic ‘Songs of Innocence’ iTunes Download

Bono apologizes for automatic album download

U2 frontman Bono apologized yesterday for the free iCloud download of the band’s new album Songs of Innocence that was automatically distributed to virtually everyone with an iPhone or an iPod. Not everybody among the estimated 500 million customers by any means were pleased that the new album wound up in their playlist or library… Read more »

Louis Tomlinson Admits ‘Steal Your Girl’ Video Is ‘Weird’

Louis Tomlinson Music Video

Louis Tomlinson finally admitted something that fans had probably known for some time now: One Direction’s “Steal Your Girlfriend” music video is “pretty weird.” Directioners started doing the math after a photo of Tomlinson holding a monkey made the rounds on social media. Sure, a monkey doesn’t automatically indicate unchecked tomfoolery, but it’s a pretty… Read more »

Taylor Swift Explains The Story Behind ‘Out Of The Woods’


Taylor Swift recently dropped her latest single “Out of the Woods” on the masses, and apparently people seem to enjoy it. Since fans love getting the inside scoop on her creative process, the singer decided to reveal how the tune came about. Not surprisingly, Swift’s latest radio-friendly outing was deeply inspired by one of her… Read more »

Lana Del Ray’s Sister Is Even More Stunning And Talented Than She Is

Lana Del Ray Interviews Her Sister For Nylon Magazine

Clearly, talent runs in Lana Del Ray’s family. Thanks to an interview with Nylon magazine, the world has now been formally introduced to Lana’s sister, Chuck Grant (real name Caroline), who is an in-demand photographer. Nylon asked Del Ray to turn the table’s a bit by interviewing and photographing her sister for the magazine. Discussing… Read more »

The Last Brick In The Wall: The End Of Pink Floyd

no more pink floyd

Although its been 20 years since the last time the band released new music and toured, fans always held out hopes that Pink Floyd would eventually come together to make another go of it. Those hopes took on new light in 2005 when Roger Waters, the band’s long-time bassist and creative driving force, who left… Read more »

2015 Glastonbury Festival Sells Out In Record Time

2015 Glastonbury Festival Sells 135,000 Tickets In 26 Minutes

Amid rumors of high profile, legendary potential headliners including Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and AC/DC, 2015’s Glastonbury festival in Somerset, England, sold out all 135,000 tickets in an astounding 26 minutes. Glastonbury has become a leading festival not only in Europe but worldwide, thanks to its reputation for always delivering stellar lineups. Performers for the 2015… Read more »

B.B. King Cancels Tour, Diagnosed With Dehydration And Exhaustion

Blue Legend

B.B. King has cancelled the remainder of his current tour. According to reports, the Blues legend became ill during a performance at Chicago’s House of Blues. He was later diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion. Although he is currently “back home and feeling better,” King’s doctor said he needs to rest. At the age of 89,… Read more »

Rock Legend Paul Revere Dies at 76

paul revere of paul revere and the raiders

Paul Revere, the leader and namesake of the popular 60s group Paul Revere & the Raiders, has died at the age of 76. While no cause of death has been revealed, Revere had been in poor health for the past year and announced his retirement from music back in July. The keyboardist founded the group… Read more »

Jessie J Supports UK Music Video Ratings System


Jessie J fully supports the music video ratings system that’s set to launch in the UK. Since the British singer firmly believes some kids probably shouldn’t watch the music videos she puts together, Jessie is totally down with the new system debuting in the United Kingdom this Friday (October 3). In fact, she seems to… Read more »