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Russian Cat Has No Fear Of Vacuum Cleaner — Cute, Crazy Or Both?

Russian Cat

This Russian cat video proves that everything is crazier in Russia — even the adorable kitties. Case in point — when have you ever seen your cat get this friendly with a vacuum cleaner? The answer: never. See, civilized cats are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, as any cat owner knows all too well. Cats… Read more »

Kissed By A Pit Bull Challenge: Will You Take It?

Pit bulls get their own awareness challenge: Kissed By a Pit!

Most people have likely heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The charity was able to raise millions of dollars toward research because of the viral explosion of the challenge. There’s no wonder that it inspired another charity to do something similar. The Kissed by a Pit challenge was launched August 20 by the people… Read more »

Watch How This Pit Bull Reacts To His Rescuer! [Video]

This pit bull definitely recognized his rescuer.

A video has been circulating social media of a rescued pit bull being exposed to his rescuer after medical treatment. The pit bull, named Mojo, seems slightly nervous at first, but then realizes who is standing at the end of the exam table. Immediately, the pit bull can be seen getting excited and jumping all… Read more »

‘Friends’ Central Perk Opens In NYC To Insane Lines [Photos]

Friends Central Perk

We knew the opening of the replica Friends coffee shop, Central Perk, was going to be huge in New York, but we weren’t expecting it to be this huge. Perhaps everyone is feeling nostalgic for the 20th anniversary of Friends, or maybe people really enjoy free coffee. Either way, legions of people lined up on… Read more »

Top 15 Weight Loss And Beauty Tips From Fashion Week And Celebrities

Get beauty tips and diet advice from models and celebrities.

Lights, camera, action! It’s Fashion Week, and for models, that means using all the beauty tips in the book (and fashion magazine) to strut their stuff on the unforgiving runway. But it’s not just the supermodels. Celebrities also make a living from looking uber-fabulous. And knowing what really works is like having a savings account…. Read more »

Prince Harry Is Anti-Scottish Independence


Prince Harry is lovable, sweet, and everything most any woman would desire, but being pro-Scottish independence is not one of those things. The fourth in line to the throne (now that Kate Middleton is pregnant, he could get knocked down another spot), the prince and British military officer said that he would like to see… Read more »

Mark Sanford’s Fiancee: I Found Out About Breakup From Press


You know the hardest way to be broken up with is finding out on Facebook, right? Well, no one knows this better than Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford’s now ex-fiancee, who told The New York Times that she was unaware of the breakup until the media started calling and asking her about Sanford’s rambling Facebook… Read more »