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Two White House Security Breaches Results In Brief Lockdowns And Arrests

Two people were arrested for breaching White House grounds.

Brief lockdowns of the White House were triggered when two people breached security on late Sunday night and early Monday morning. Both individuals have been arrested. One person was arrested around 11:30 p.m. Sunday evening after climbing over a bicycle rack that sits outside the main fence of the White House. The individual was charged… Read more »

School Lunch Around The World: How Does The U.S. Compare?

school lunches around the world

School lunches made news late last year when frustrated students posted what looked like disgusting foods served on their trays to social media. The slight was directed at First Lady, Michelle Obama — the leading advocate of healthy school lunches — with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. Now, thanks to SweetGreen on Tumblr via Huffington Post, we… Read more »

Seizure While Skydiving: YouTube Video Goes Viral [Video]

Seizure skydiving

The video titled “GUY HAS SEIZURE WHILE SKYDIVING” is getting a lot of attention on YouTube after being uploaded 13 hours ago. In that short amount of time, the harrowing video has gained a whopping 350,000 views or more — with folks holding their collective breaths as they watch a man named Christopher who seemed… Read more »