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Milky Way Timelapse: Poetry In Motion [Video]

Dakotalapse 2012 Milky Way

The Milky Way, when viewed from a camera lens, often elicits a shiver of existential wonder from the soul. That’s part of what draws us to timelapse astrophotography, as previously reported in the Inquisitr. Timelapse astrophotography allows the naked eye to see what lays hidden beyond our world; we are a tiny part of the… Read more »

You’ve Got To See This Tipsy Wedding Singer [Video]


It does not take much to become an instant Internet celebrity these days and one Welsh woman is finding that out first hand. According to a story on Yahoo! News, Sarah Lane is likely to be known as the “Tipsy Wedding Singer” following an Instagram video actress Michelle Rodridguez posted from a recent wedding where… Read more »

Kate Middleton’s Phone Call With The Queen Leaves Kate Devastated

Kate Middleton and the Queen

The media has been buzzing recently with stories about the deteriorating relationship between Kate Middleton and the Queen. The only thing deteriorating is the Queen’s health, and in a recent phone conversation between her and Kate, the Queen confided that it would be a good idea make sure that her funeral arrangements were ready because… Read more »

Ice Bucket Challenge: Man Dies Celebrating Viral Fundraiser’s Success

Ice Bucket Challenge Death Details

Ice Bucket Challenge participants have raised more than $100,000 (directly) since taking to social media, and the ALS Association attributes more than $11.6 million in additional donations to the campaign since the first of the year. However, on Saturday, the viral fundraising sensation inadvertently caused the death of one. Corey Griffin, 28, was described as… Read more »

Watch As A Baby Elephant Tries To Wake Sleeping Dog [Video]

Elephant Trying to Wake A Dog

Watch as the poor baby elephant tries to wake its sleeping dog friend. The elephant tries every trick in the book to get this sleeping dog to wake from his deep slumber, but after two and a half minutes, he remains unsuccessful. This dog sleeps like a rock. First, the incessant rooster’s crowing has no… Read more »

Heroic Puppy Saves Girl Lost In Siberia For 11 Days

A little girl lost in Siberia was rescued by her loyal puppy.

Karina Chikitova, a girl of approximately 3-years-old, was lost in the Siberian Taiga. For the first 3 days she was missing, her mother didn’t realize there was any problem. The woman was under the impression that the girl and her puppy made it to her father’s village in the Sakha Republic. In that region, there… Read more »

Son Buys Dream Car For His Mother And Surprises Her! [Video]

Dream Car surprise

A 1973 model Saab 99 EMS Coupe is not a car that usually would make you drool. However, for Canadian citizen Cory Wadden’s mother, it was her dream car, the one she always wanted to own. However, Cory’s mother could not realize her dream thanks to her job and the responsibility of bringing up her… Read more »