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Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Opens Up In Reddit AMA

reddit dwayne johnson the rock

Over on Reddit, Dwayne Johnson — also known as “The Rock” — is doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), and the star opened up about sensitive topics like his career aspirations as well as the loss of Paul Walker late last year. Reddit AMAs are a great way for stars and fans to connect… Read more »

This ‘Better Call Saul’ Billboard Is Interactive, Has Clues

james mcgill call saul billboard

As Breaking Bad fans await the release of Better Call Saul, an in-universe prequel centering around the sometimes show stealing Saul Goodman (in turn played by Bob Odenkirk, wonderfully) a new billboard has appeared offering some recognizable clues to the character’s history. In the overall Breaking Bad narrative, Goodman was a crucial support character to… Read more »

Amazing Tree Produces 40 Different Types of Fruit (Video)

Tree of 40 Fruits

Sam Van Aken, an art professor from Syracuse University, has taken his talent to the extreme. He has developed the astonishing Tree of 40 Fruits. Yes, according to Science Alert, there is now an astonishing tree that can bear up to 40 different stone fruits each year. Some of those fruits include peaches, plums, apricots,… Read more »

5 Things Electric Cars Are Changing Right Now

Electric cars and changes

So far, electric cars are only a tiny fraction of the overall automotive market in the United States and worldwide. In most markets, electric car sales are less than one percent of the overall sales unless you include hybrids, which then boost those figures to around three percent. Yet these vehicles, despite their lack of… Read more »

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO David Karp may not be as well known as other tech gurus, but his social media site continues to surge in popularity and his latest exploits should only help. The Tumblr creator recently rubbed elbows with the most powerful man in the world at a fundraiser. In addition to the Tumblr creator getting… Read more »

Floyd Mayweather: Did He Or Didn’t He Sleep With T.I.’s Wife?


For anyone wondering why rapper T.I. attacked Floyd Mayweather earlier this year in Las Vegas, TMZ Sports is now reporting it could be because the famous boxer may have had a fling with T.I.’s wife, Tiny. The entertainment and sports media juggernaut posted what it said was video of Floyd Mayweather’s affair admission recently. “Mayweather… Read more »

Straight White Guy Festival: Bigoted Or Not?

Straight White Guy Festival, Are They Serious?

Straight White Guy Festival flyers have started making the rounds on Twitter and in Columbus, Ohio, with the promise of being held on September 20, 2014. However, people in the Columbus area aren’t sure what to make of them as the flyers have not been traced to an organization that is for sure taking credit…. Read more »

Teens Texting More Likely To Have Sex [Study]

Teens Texting More Likely To Have Sex

Teens texting past a certain daily threshold are more likely to be sexually active, according to a new study released in the Pediatrics journal, the official publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The findings indicated that a direct correlation exists between excessive texting, sexting, and sex among teenagers, with teens texting more than 100… Read more »

Dave Franco And Conan O’Brien Look For Love On Tinder

Dave Franco joins Twitter

The internet was gifted today with a hilarious new viral video, and this one is about…Conan O’Brien and Tinder? Conan, armed with Hollywood hunk Dave Franco, join Tinder together during a bit on Conan, and hilarity ensues. Conan, who in reality is a happily married father in his 50s, joined Tinder under the guise of… Read more »

Reporter Pranks Video bombers In Epic Way

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 10.05.41 PM

While I have never worked as a television reporter, being a working reporter I do often see people trying to jump in the live shots of my television colleagues. Normally, they just keep proceeding with their reports as if nothing is happening. But for one Chicagoan, he has made it his mission to get back… Read more »

Grumpy Cat Joins Famous Cats In ‘Cat Summer’ [Video]

The internet’s favorite cranky kitty is the star of a new music video, “Cat Summer.” Grumpy Cat joins Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Nala Cat, Oskar the blind cat, and his one-eared buddy Klaus in a new catchy tune to celebrate the season. As with most internet videos starring Grumpy Cat, “Cat Summer” seems to be… Read more »