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11 Beauty Tip Myths Debunked

Beauty Tip Myths Debunked

It seems some of grandma’s handy beauty tips and old wives’ tales may not be so handy after all. So, in order to separate a little fact from fiction, here are eleven beauty tips that are actually urban legends. Beauty Myth: If you pluck rogue hairs, three more will grow back in its place According… Read more »

Man Goes After 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Pimp With Baseball Bat

Dad Pimp Baseball Bat

A Tennessee man went after his 12-year-old daughter’s pimp with a baseball bat, rescuing her from his clutches. According to New York Daily News, the girl was facing a life of prostitution with accused suspect Brian Wilson. He’s arrested on charges on rape of a child and child trafficking. He’s being held on $200,000 bond…. Read more »

Crazy Man Pets Menacing Great White Shark! [Video]

great white shark petted by brave man

An incredible video showing a man apparently trying to pet a great white shark is going viral on the Internet. The video which was uploaded back in 2009 seems to have been remained unnoticed until now. While the identity of the person who had the audacity to do something as evidently stupid as this has… Read more »