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Trucker Protest Canceled, Government Shutdown Threat Intended To ‘Ruffle Feathers’

Trucker Protest Canceled, Government Shutdown Threat Intended To 'Ruffle Feathers'

The trucker protest of Washington D.C. is being canceled by Earl Conlon because the government shutdown threat apparently was never intended to be taken literally.

[UPDATE] The official Truckers Ride For The Constitution organization claims Earl Conlon does not represent their organization and his ideas for a trucker protest are completely separate from their own. The official Ride For The Constitution will still proceed as planned and is not canceled.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the trucker protest as proposed by Earl Conlon threatened to shut down Washington beltway traffic and arrest Congressmen.

The plan was to line up semi-trucks across three lanes and drive just at the 55 MPH speed limit. The trucker protest would have lasted three days according to Georgia-based Earl Conlon, who is himself not a truck driver. If police had interfered with these government shutdown protest plans Conlon recommended truckers locking up the brakes and causing a three lane roadblock.

But it turns out Earl Conlon’s big talk about a trucker protest was only talk. Conlon says the trucker protest is officially canceled:

“The comments to U.S. News were designed to do one thing and one thing only: stir the feather of the mainstream media. Nothing gets the attention like the mainstream media, like some sort of disastrous threat. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers.”

Earl Conlon also points out that clogging up the Washington D.C. beltway would have harmed the average joe and he says it “wouldn’t be fair to the people there.” Conlon is still considering making a trip to Washington this weekend for the Truckers Ride Tor The Constitution event.

Of course, nothing prevents the trucker protest from proceeding without Earl Conlon. Despite Truckers Ride For The Constitution not supporting such ideas, any truckers may choose to protest the 2013 government shutdown with a little bit of civil disobedience. Now Earl Conlon can reasonably tell any men in black suits showing up at his door that he has nothing to do with it.

Do you think the trucker protest as proposed by Earl Conlon was a good idea for protesting the government shutdown?

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32 Responses to “Trucker Protest Canceled, Government Shutdown Threat Intended To ‘Ruffle Feathers’”

  1. Jim Ball

    hell just park the trucks ,an the people will take care of the goverment !!!

  2. Mark Erickson

    I was getting ready for a few days of not being able to use an ATM or buy new groceries, & probably still being able to ride city buses, if that does me any good. I wasn't prepared to fully like it, but I was considering that maybe it's a lesson we need, that our comfortable lifestyle, ever more dependent on the Internet and other modern conveniences, could collapse any time if we don't watch out.

  3. Anthony P Camma

    We need to back thr truckers for all the work they do for the US everyday for little pay and this groups's demand for respect of our Constitution.

  4. Dawn Patterson

    My husband is a truck driver and even though he cannot attend this weekends events due to a severe work injury and is hospitalized, he will be with his brothers and sisters in spirit. As far as Mr.conlon he is nothing but a redneck moron who does not have the guts to wage his own battle and has tried to ride the wheels…so to speak…of those that are giving up personal income and time to put a face to the middle class that government seems to care about but in reality are hurting the country and diminishing the constitution to the point of extinction. No matter the letter behind ones name,all government seems to care about is their lot in the d.c game. So please say a prayer for all the truckers who do partake in this demonstration to save whats left of a once great nation.

  5. Rick Griffin

    The truckers hold the power to really shut this country down if they would all stop driving ! Company and independent all sitting still. You have to be specially trained and have a cdl to drive one and there is no way to keep a small portion of them going. They need to say that they want this country back or else !They do all the hard work and the oil companies get all the profit from fuel. Please put a stop to the greed and corruption in DC !

  6. Roger Brodzinski

    Earl was not the organizer and never spoke in official capacity for the 3 day general strike. He is under the influence of something because comments by him did not line up with the stated goals of the protest.

  7. Gregory Miller

    This is a little confusing. If the truckers show up –then the police will be all over the place and will give a expected "show of Force" and arrest hundreds. Or—or–They can say truckers will be out big time and cops will be out in force–but the truckers don't show up–leaving the police looking like fools–standing around with no one to assault and arrest. Either way–the message is simple–the cops will show their force. They are scared of us–that's why they have so many cops to begin with.

  8. Anonymous

    This is interesting because citizens are resorting to strong-arm activism just like the GOP, good to see the politicians set the example. Now we can all run around and cry like a big baby when we don't get our way.. Truckers strike and the shit will hit the fan, chaos will ensue. This is going to get interesting. Just promise to redistribute the wealth when you're done!

  9. Tim Yeakel

    I hope they shut all of DC down for a year. Park and ride dudes. Let em know how it feels to go no where and that means bills included….. SHUT IT DOWN I HAVE A BROTHER THAT IS ATTENDING. SHUT DC DOWN TIGHT…

  10. Anonymous

    We are only setting ourselves up to have the gov't bring in truckers from south of the borders. Border patrols are not protecting our borders anymore.

  11. Kerry Woods

    oh, my! stir some feathers! and then cancel. shows about the same level of commitment as congress. any time there's the hint of a crisis, the nutcases are the first ones out of the woodwork, all jiggy and no rational idea how to do anything effective.

  12. Anonymous

    No need to attend the DC drive, let's all do it… fire up your buses, U-Haul Vans, 4×4 Pick ups, even the cars and motorcycles. Please let this be the start of something meaningful. The entire nation is a tinder-box, and I am hoping for my children's future that this is the SPARK!
    Every city is a potential target of the protest… LET'S ROLL!

  13. Anonymous

    My father passed away last year in April. He was 83. I believe in my heart he would have been there in his truck doing the right thing for America. Thank you all.

  14. Michael Borkowski

    is it true truckers are not doing the shutdown, if so wimps, wimps, I am a trucker from way back, we shut down during the fuel price raise, we never wimped out shutting down, I'm totally disapionted in them, I praise them for what they do, but why wimp out, their just like the oreo cooky president, wimp wimpy,

  15. Jeanne Prince Larum

    Yah, and poor people is a capitalists term for the havenots

  16. Richard Earl Griffin


  17. Anonymous

    been trucking since age 18 now 55
    solidarity just a pipe dream, so sad.

  18. Richard Earl Griffin

    If you're judging the World and Peoples and you're doing it from a Racial Point You can't see QUALITIES ON A EVEN PLAYING FIELD. Because you are Slanted by What BIGOTRY does to Sanity.. If Bigots could Put as Much time as They Do Hating ,Into Equality and Fairness. Communities coast to coast Would Live Up To ARMED FORCES CREED. Leave NO-One Behind, That's true AMERICANISM-ALL FOR ONE AND- ONE FOR ALL- NO MATTER WHAT RACE….STOP JUDGING PEOPLE"GOD"TOLD YOU THAT WAS A NO KNOW! he who is clean cast the First Stone.

  19. Patrick Frye

    Only Earl Conlon's version of the event is canceled. And there's several other groups besides Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

  20. Jason Goad

    This has NOT been cancelled according to their official FB page. You should take this headline down because it is false and misleading.

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