Wally Bayola Wants To Find Whoever Leaked His Sex Tape

Wally Bayola Wants To Find The Leak Of His Sex Tape

Wally Bayola wants to know just who is behind his leaked sex tape.

The Filipino comedian and television host became embroiled in a controversy last month, when a video uploaded to YouTube appeared to show him in an encounter with co-star Yosh Rivera. The tape put his job in jeopardy and even raised the possibility of criminal charges.

While it appears that Wally Bayola will avoid going to jail — he could have been charged with concubinage under the Family Code of the Philippines — the scandal is far from over. Bayola has reportedly brought the tape to the National Bureau of Investigation to look into whether the leak of the tape constituted a criminal offense.

Those who uploaded the video would be in violation of Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

Even if the source of the leak is found and brought to justice, Wally Bayola may have suffered irreparable harm to his career. The Eat Bulaga host was forced to take leave from the show, and afterward new rumors surfaced that his affair with Yosh Rivera may go back quite a ways.

A report from Pinoy Stop claimed that the two had an affair three years ago, and after Bayola’s wife found out, she confronted Rivera. Bayola and his wife ultimately stayed together.

Even former colleagues are speaking out against Wally Bayola. Lian Paz, who like Rivera is a dancer on the show, criticized Bayola in an interview with Yahoo! Southeast Asia.