Wally Bayola Had Another Affair With Yosh Rivera Three Years Ago, Site Claims

Wally Bayola may have a history with Yosh Rivera that extends beyond their current sex-tape scandal.

The Filipino comedian and host of the popular noontime program Eat Bulaga has been embroiled in a scandal for the past few weeks after a video emerged showing an encounter with co-star Yosh Rivera. The tape put Bayola’s job and even his freedom in jeopardy, but reports say it may not be the first tryst between Rivera and Bayola.

A report from Pinoy Stop claimed that the two had another affair three years ago, prompting Bayola’s wife to come to the Eat Bulaga set to confront them. Bayola reportedly apologized, and his wife decided to stick by her man.

The site also reported the unconfirmed rumor that it was Yosh Rivera was responsible for the video hitting in the first place.

Wally Bayola is not earning many allies as he fights the sex tape scandal. Lian Paz, who like Rivera is a dancer on the show, spoke out against Wally Bayola to Yahoo! Southeast Asia.

Both Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera have remained quiet about the tape, and there is no verification that it does indeed show them, but those who have seen the tape say the man looks unmistakably like Bayola. He even makes the comedian’s trademark “pa-pogi” sign near the end of the video.

Lian Paz appeared to confirm what was on the tape and criticized both Rivera and Bayola, who is married and has five children with his wife, Riza.

But like the rumored previous affair, Riza has decided to stand by her man again.

Wally Bayola still faces a lot of trouble for the tape. He took leave from Eat Bulaga after the firestorm of controversy that followed, though producers have denied rumors that he was fired. Wally could also face possible prosecution under the Family Code of the Philippines, which determined that concubinage carries a four-year prison term.