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Americans Are So Angry With The Government, They’ve Set A Pew Poll Record

Citizens angry with the federal government have reached their peak, at least according to Pew. A new poll (taken before the government shutdown) found that citizen anger at the government is at its highest point ever since Pew started keeping track in 1997.

The survey, conducted September 25-29 among 1,005 adults, found that 26 percent overall were livid with the federal government. On top of that, 51 percent said that they were frustrated with the fed and 17 percent were more or less content.

Now, 26 percent might not seem like a peak worth writing home about, but that number is up 7 points since January, hitting a high not seen since debt ceiling talks between the president and Congress fell apart in the summer of 2011.

The anger is mostly split and descending along party lines. About 41 percent of Republicans are miffed, while 27 percent moderate Republicans and 24 percent of independents are also angry. On the left, 21 percent of moderate Democrats and 18 percent of liberal Democrats said that they are angry with the government.

Despite the apparent party split, more liberal Democrats are angry with the federal government than in October 2006 toward the end of the unpopular Bush administration.

According to Pew, young adults pretty much ignored the latest round of government shutdown talks.

Even though plenty of Americans are frustrated with the government, there was very little agreement on what the problem is.

About 36 percent blamed their frustration on the gridlocked political climate. Specifically, a few members of Congress who refuse to compromise. Another 44 percent said that the political divide was exclusive to our elected officials, and not indicative of Americans in general.

The biggest chunk, 48 percent, said that both parties have grown so far apart that they won’t agree on anything.

Are you angry with the federal government? We’d suggest you call your local congressman and complain, but their staff might be furloughed right now.

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