Paris Hilton Debuts Song With Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton Previews New Music Video With Lil Wayne [Video]

For those that have forgotten, Paris Hilton still exists. While the blonde bombshell, and avid shopper, is no longer on everyone’s television screens, she’s still making some news headlines. Fortunately Hilton isn’t in the news for her bad behavior, as it seems that the reality star has grown up from that phase of her life. For Hilton it’s all about the music.

Paris Hilton has decided to release her single “Good Time” which is off of her Cash Money Records EDM club record. The single debuts officially on October 1st, and is produced by Afrojack. Hilton’s new single is said to also feature rapper Lil Wayne too.

Hilton decided to give a small preview of the new song and music video for “Good Time.” For this single Paris Hilton sounds more like Britney Spears than anything else. Her song is heavily influenced by synthesizers and autotune, which seems to be all the rage these days in top 40.

While “Good Time” may score a place on the Billboard charts, this isn’t a great step for her music career, at least not from a creative standpoint. In 2009 Paris Hilton debuted her first single titled “Stars are Blind” and surprised all of us when she showed that she could actually sing, and had a unique sound.

Back in 2009 her sound was more reggae based, and had a derivative that sounded like early No Doubt. It seems that Hilton has decided to change the direction of her sound completely, but hopefully we’re wrong.

Lil Wayne isn’t in the preview for “Good Time” but Hilton seemed excited to be working with him regardless. In an interview with Star magazine, Hilton said that Wayne was “so awesome” and “down to earth.”

Of Wayne’s working process, Hilton said:

“He can just write on the spot and come up with these amazing verses. The song that we did together is so incredible and I’m so happy about it. I was surprised at how intelligent he was and he was just such a gentleman.”

Are you excited to hear Paris Hilton’s new electro pop sound?