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Sarah Palin On Hillary Clinton Presidency: Twitter Reacts

Sarah Palin on Hillary Clinton's Presidency, Twitter reacts

Sarah Palin said Hillary Clinton’s Presidency was a bad idea, that she wasn’t suited for the job.

Twitter hasn’t stopped laughing. In what is probably the biggest joke for Democrats for a long time, Sarah Palin definitely made a misstep saying that Hillary Clinton isn’t suited for the job.

Let’s look at the facts at hand.

Sarah Palin was practically the laughing stock of the 2008 elections when John McCain chose her to run against Barack Obama. She has been seen as confused and unable to even handle her own family, never mind Vice Presidency. Her image in politics was almost a punchline.

Hillary Clinton was actually married to the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, for eight years. She has shown considerable restraint, even staying with her husband in the light of a Presidency-shattering affair involving Monica Lewinsky. Even her daughter Chelsea Clinton has shown promise as a potential political candidate. Unfortunately, she may have been involved in the Benghazi scandal.

Sarah Palin’s view of Hillary Clinton as President has even struck Twitter as a joke. Benghazi scandal aside, Hillary Clinton still has more clout than Sarah Palin, as the social media micro-blogger has shown.

Twitter user @jenonearth had a response that summed up most people’s impressions rather well, simply laughing.

Another Twitter user, @Scott_In_Worc, left the reply, “Really? This former part time [governor] wasn’t qualified to be VP.”

Summing up the facts at hand, @mqionibaravi stated, “1/2 term Gov @SarahPalinUSA says FULL TERM SecState Senator FLOTUS @HillaryClinton is not fit to be president… Let that sink in a while.”

Twitter user @Barbie892 adds, “Good grief her word salad is painful.”

Of course, the tweets speaking in Sarah Palin’s favor are few and far between, but they are there. One Sarah Palin supporter, @NKW_Fuddy stated, “Clinton is WAY 2 old 4 job now Way 2old.” Twitter user @hooziergirl71 agrees, “So true…Sarah keeping Benghazi alive and HRC’s culpability up front”

Which side of Twitter do you agree with as Sarah Palin says Hillary Clinton would be an ill-suited President?

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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin On Hillary Clinton Presidency: Twitter Reacts”

  1. Ric Carmazino

    HRC is a power hungry itch. You elect her, you get more socialism, more tax increases, more illegals, bigger government, a weaker military, more Chicago style politics. Some of you idiots should do a little research on the things HRC said about this country. You won't like it when your taxes hit 50%. Wasn't HRC the one unelected official who wanted socialized medicine behind closed doors. DO NOT TRUST HER, SHE IS A LIAR JUST LIKE OUR PRESENT C & C

  2. Ric Carmazino

    Sarah Palin has a higher IQ than that power hungry commie Hillary. Check it out. People who get their info from the left are rainwashed.

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