Food Stamps Cut Vote Passes House, Reduces SNAP By $4 Billion If Senate Agrees

Food Stamps Cut Vote Passes House, Reduces SNAP By $4 Billion If Senate Agrees

The Food Stamps cut vote has passed the House of Representatives, which would reduce the Federal SNAP program by $4 billion per year.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Food Stamps fraud like the “Obama Express” has been charged for their crimes.

Based upon the Constitution, all Congressional legislation dealing with budgets must first start in the House only to be approved by the Senate and then signed into law by the President. But the Food Stamps cut vote is part of the government shutdown debate. The overall SNAP program has a $80 billion annual budget, with 47 million Americans receiving food stamps, and 47 percent of those people are children. With government spending getting out of control, many politicians feel it’s time to trim back SNAP, which has doubled in size since 2008.

The debate over the Food Stamps cut started with the Farm Bill last year. But eventually Republicans removed the Food Stamps cuts from the Farm Bill in order to get the rest of the legislation passed.

Both parties agree that a Food Stamps cut is necessary… just not by how much. Earlier this year, Republicans said three percent needed to be cut but Democrats opposed any further cuts beyond half a percent. The divide has grown even more, with the final House Food Stamps cut bill asking for $4 billion while the Senate is saying $400 million. In cases like this, when the House and Senate pass similar bills that disagree, they will enter into a process where they’ll likely reach bipartisan agreement.

The Food Stamps cut bill is bundled with work requirements that allow states to “require 20 hours of work activities per week from any able-bodied adult with a child over age 1 who has child care available, and for all parents whose children are over age 6 and attending school.” The Food Stamps cut bill would also eliminate automatic eligibility renewals and require drug tests. The Senate and House versions will also end a home heating assistance program.

House Votes To Cut Food Stamps By $40 Billion

As we see Food Stamps cut, what do you think Congress should do to avoid a government shutdown?