Is Cam Newton this year’s Tim Tebow?

Another year, another draft, and another controversy brewing. Let the argument begin, is Cam Newton a pro style QB, or is he the next Tim Tebow?. Can he lead a pro style attack or is his skill set better suited to the spread offense he ran in college? To be fair he is more of a pure passer than Tebow was, and he is also a better athlete. However we have to wonder how the 32 NFL pro scouting departments view Newton.

The first thing that must be decided is his skills in the spread offense will translate at the next level. This is more and more of a problem every year as more and more schools do damage to their student athletes by running this zany offense. Each year the guys who lead a pro style attack in college get drafted over spread offense guys, and it seems one day that will dry up as an entire draft class could be compromised of spread offense QB’s.

The plus on Newton is he also put up Michael Vick kind of numbers on the ground. Sure the spread offense is a lot of throwing to open receivers, and bubble screen passes that pad a QB’s stats. However there is no question that Newton might also be able to beat NFL teams with his feet. Granted those kinds of QB’s have had limited success in the NFL, but it is a plus for now.

Some teams like to have a highly mobile QB. The Minnesota Vikings who need a QB, and have been known to employ QB’s like this in the past will take a strong look at Newton. The Carolina Panthers who also need a QB are going to have a three month debate on Cam Newton. We shall see on this one.

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