Lions Suh will face a harsh fine for his latest hit

Lions Ndamukong Suh To Face Heavy Fine For Illegal Block Against Vikings

Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh will likely face a heavy fine from the NFL for his illegal block on Vikings offensive lineman John Sullivan. Suh made the block during an interception return in the Lions 34-24 win.

The block by Suh wiped out a pick six by linebacker DeAndre Levy on a Christian Ponder interception. During Levy’s return, Suh blocked Sullivan low. The block happened behind the play and was not only dangerous but unnecessary.

During the game the block resulted in a 15-yard penalty and wiped out the touchdown by Levy. The interception counted though.

On the Lions ensuing drive, QB Matthew Stafford threw an interception to turn the ball right back over. The Vikings then scored a touchdown. In essence, Suh’s dirty played not only cost the Lions a touchdown, but gave the Minnesota redemption after their turnover.

John Sullivan was thankfully not injured. After the game Ndamukong Suh told reporters:

“I wasn’t by any means going for his knees.He knows that. We had a great conversation running out at halftime, and he understood. My aim was his waist to cut him off.”

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was not happy with Suh’s block:

“That’s uncalled for. In the NFL, you try to take care of guys. Things happen, and guys are going to make hits. But you can’t take a dude’s legs out from behind on an interception return down the field.”

Ndamukong Suh has gained a reputation as a dirty player since entering the league in 2010. In total he has been fined $42,500 for illegal hits. It has not been revealed how much his latest hit will add.

Here is a compilation of Suh’s dirty hits:

Off the field Suh is a model citizen. He seems to be the kind of player that bottles up his emotions and lets them get the best of him on game day. It may make him an exciting player to watch, but he’s lucky he hasn’t ended anyone’s career yet.

Do you think Ndamokong Suh should be fined? Has he rightly earned his reputation as a dirty player for the Lions?