Springfield, Illinois mayor found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound

Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield, Illinois, has been found dead in his home after failing to appear at a scheduled court hearing regarding a family member’s estate.

53-year-old Davlin was located in the Apple Creek Drive home just after 9 AM, about fifteen minutes after police were called to the scene. Law enforcement officials have not disclosed who made the call to report the suspected suicide, and information about Davlin’s death is currently scarce. At a press conference to confirm Davlin’s death, Illinois State Police Captain Jim Wolf said:

“All we can confirm now is that Zone 4 Illinois State Police investigators have responded out that way and we’re in the early stages of the investigation. We are in the very preliminary stages of our investigation, so I’m not going to comment on anything right now.”

Ward 3 Alderman Frank Kunz will take over mayoral duties for Springfield until a new mayor is elected. He told press that today was a “sad day.” Davlin is survived by his mother, his four children, and four grandchildren.