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So Ezra Is Pretty Little Liars’ ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’

Pretty Little Liars

Bad news, Pretty Little Liars fans. It looks like fan-favorite Ezra might not be so stalwart and true.

Tuesday night’s summer season finale of the hit show revealed that the mastermind behind all of the “A” antics plaguing the main cast is none other than Ezra Fitz, yes, Mr. Fitz, Aria’s former lover. Or the episode seemed to reveal that.

We’re not going to speculate (okay, maybe a little). We saw the same things you did and have no more insider knowledge than you. But Pretty Little Liars has played fast and loose with our emotions before, throwing giant, smelly red herrings to and fro, mis-naming villains constantly and later revealing them to be double-agents, forces for the greater good, or just Aria’s dad.

What we will do is provide you with a list of persuasive reasons why and why not Ezra really is “A.”

Why Ezra Is “A”

No. 1: Money. Remember, Ezra “sold his car” for a giant pile of cash right after Jason was seen writing a $50,000 check for a mystery someone. As Wet Paint sharply notes, there are “no coincidences” in Rosewood.

No. 2: He warmed up to “A” stuff pretty quickly. Frankly, I used to think this was bad acting. Ezra was pretty unflappable when he found out what the liars did to Jenna, accepted the idea of “A” immediately and without question, and pushed his former love Aria to spend more time with Jenna. So if Ezra really is “A,” I owe Ian Harding a beer and an apology for thinking he sucks.

No. 3: Typewriter. “A” uses one, and Ezra happens to own one. Coincidence, or aesthetic clue?

No. 4: “A” rarely targeted Aria.

No. 5: Writers have implied that the relationship between Aria and Ezra figures heavily into the show’s endgame.

Why Ezra Isn’t “A”

First of all, this is just a mid-season finale. They’re not going to blow the biggest reveal of the series with one-and-a-half seasons still to go. Plus, what was with all that heavy-handed “Alison is still alive” hint-dropping all episode?

Secondly, I’ve long thought that the “twin factor” from the Pretty Little Liars novels would play into the show at some point. Go back and watch the episodes on Netflix while you wait for the rest of Season 4. “Twin” themes, dialogue and imagery are sprinkled throughout the show, and are especially heavy in Alison-centric episodes.

Third, what’s the motive with Ezra? I could unpack that idea a bit more, but I think it speaks for itself. Seriously. What’s the motive? His get-go, from the start of the series motive?

Fourth, when the season comes back in October, a one line “Oh hey, I was worried about Aria and followed you guys here” would totally exonerate him. It has worked before, after all.

Finally, who was in the other red coat? Whether Ezra is involved or not, I don’t peg him for the mastermind. The episode ham-fistedly hinted that Red Coat was Alison, which goes back to the twin theory. We doubt it was an already-introduced character.

Anyway, did you see the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars? Do you think that Ezra is “A,” or no? Leave us your theories and feel free to explain to me why, as a man, I have no right to write about this show. God, you sound just like my wife, reader.

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45 Responses to “So Ezra Is Pretty Little Liars’ ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’”

  1. Ashley Natasha Watson

    Go back and look at the eye peeping through the painting and examine it. It's not Ezra's at all.

  2. Carmel Tzur

    The eye is Alison's it's blue who else's eyes r blue except for Hannah's cuz she was in the room with them and did u realize that there where no pictures of Ezra I think he was the brains and paid people to do the dirty work

  3. Emily Goldman

    I think Ezra showed up to save the girls from going to the party, but he showed up too late. I think abc wanted to make it look like he was A, but really he was there to save the day…at least I hope so…

  4. Diana Love

    The way I understood it was Alison who led the girls to the lair, and Ezra either is A who is hunting Allison down or he was there to "protect the girls"? Who knows, anything at this point is possible. But I don't wanna get stuck on Ezria being the mastermind because why else would the have a whole new season if they made the big reveal. I think we are only touching the truth of the story. This show is known to always point us the wrong direction lol.

  5. Savannah Brayman

    This makes me feel so hopeful for the outcome of the situation! Im seriously going to have this in mind! I just don't want to believe it is Ezra!

  6. Emma Leeming

    This fits into the theory I had for the show that these would make up the A team-
    Alison as head A

    Toby, Ezra and Mona have now been revealed so that leaves Alison and Aria

  7. Leesey Doe

    Kinda wondering if this is going to keep up with the last book with not only the whole twins thing but the fact that Ali was working with a guy from the institution she was involved with.

  8. Naina Mishra

    and ezra was wearing a cap not a hoodie. i will die if he is a. GUYS DONT GIVE UP!! Ezra is the best Pll guy and he CANNOT be A!!!

  9. Sarah Victoria Smallbone

    That would make sense as don't you think it was weird how Aria kissed Ezra earlier in the episode and then acted like she didn't do anything wrong and how Miss Grunwold said how they shouldn't be so sure that alison can trust the girls and then Aria was the only one who didn't trust her. Something to hide maybe?

  10. Maria Hernandez

    I agree ..I think he' follow aria and he probably is thinking that the girls scheme all the "A"…following aria in hoping that she wouldn't go see jake ..and now feels angry at all aria put him through ..

  11. Nnée Sodramatic Drakes

    Linsey DeLouis Zeidler The pictures of them kissing could have just been Ezra being all romantic. I just want him to be A SO badly. He makes the MOST sense!

  12. Lauren Stanton

    When the girls got the dolls at the end of season 2, A wanted Aria to get rod if Jackie which would help Ezra. Also, A destroyed the car of the guy who was lying about Aria. Ezra could have done this to help Aria.

  13. Deonna Marie Barrientos

    I think Ezra wants Aria back and there for is starting to follow her around to see why she is gone so much…. on the other hand he got mad in the A room and if I walked in there for the first time I wouldn't be mad I would be shocked and run around and check out all the info…. so I'm stuck at this point.

  14. Deonna Marie Barrientos

    am I missing an episode? does Ezra know everything about A? I thought Aria wasn't telling him.

  15. Breanna Marie Preuss

    Nnée Sodramatic Drakes it wasnt ali has blue eyes those were brown & so are ceces. but its not ezras becuase he doesnt wear makeup. its another A. I HAVE A FEELING ITS MAYA!

  16. Sierra Penny

    I think, either Ezra followed Aria ooooorrrrrrr Ezra AND Aria are A. Aria didn't want to beilieve Ms. Grimwaled, nothing really happens to Aria, also her name darts with an A. It could be possible that while Aria and Ezra were talking he told her he was A and that's why she didn't want them to listen to Ms.Grimwaled

  17. Deana Bauerle

    Remember when they showed Toby last season, and we were all heartbroken that Toby wasn't who we thought he was? No way they are giving away the identity of A that easily. Also – the typewriter thing – Ezra has always come across pretty low tech to me – so what's with all the high end technical stalking? Doesn't fit for me. Plus he seemed genuinely invested in this whole Malcolm thing for a while and there was a ton of A activity during that time. I'm not sold. BUT – then of course, if he was A it would make sense to have Spencer take Malcolm from karate practice because he knew'd the child would be safe. I am SO TORN!

  18. Deana Bauerle

    Sarah Victoria Smallbone That is such a good point! Plus after all the tragedy that has befallen all the other liars, how can Ezra and Aria's romance not be revealed to the police? How is he not in jail by now?

  19. Valencia Vixama

    I can't and won't believe that Ezra is A. It makes no sense, but at the same time, looking at all the facts, it does make sense. I don't know what to believe, but I was not emotionally ready to find out who A was.

  20. Federica Dragoni

    I was thinking that Ezra needs to be involved. He may really be the guy Alison was dating: he is older, he likes younger girls, he is charismatic (all his students love him)…..but if Aria could really be A (never thought that before reading some posts here) then Ezra could also get mad in the room since he found something making he thinking that Aria is doing something wrong and later he could try to protect her…..very complicated explanation but I do think there will be a very complicated final season.;)

  21. Albert Teague

    Ezra and Aria are A? no way that makes no sense, because when "A" was sending all those cryptic text messages to the girls, Aria recieved them as well that alone throws a wrench in your theory

  22. Breanna Gabrielle' Robinson

    Federica Dragoni I was going to say the same thing. I don't think Ezra is "A" but i do believe that its a possibility he could be the older guy Ali was dating. Thats about as far as I got in my prediction lol. I do however think Ali is alive but I don't believe she is in danger, cause if thats is the case why not let the girls know? You would think they'd be more powerful together as a group than Ali tryna defend herself against whoever this mystery man is. Idk, I'm confused. I guess we just have to wait and see!!

  23. Breanna Gabrielle' Robinson

    Deana Bauerle Very valid point! Didn't think of that!

  24. Albert Teague

    Maria Hernandez I don't think so cause in the last scene he looked like someone suspicious of a home invasion. Also earlier, Hannah uncovered a closet full of MEN'S jackets and Ezra was wearing one similar to those. Also the way he slammed the closet door, because he obviously knew how he left it, "closed" and now it's open when he comes home and not to mention he looked pretty ticked off. Those are some serious red-flags hon.

  25. Diana Alvarez-Mendez

    Clearly, it could not have been Ezra's. Did you see his rage when he found out someone had been in the lair? I think he wants to find out who A is. She's the reason why Aria isn't with him.

  26. John TheBeakman Botros

    Savannah Brayman honestly, do you guys want to have anything surprising at all? or would you rather just have a love story and forget about A all together? or maybe you just want it to be courtney like in the books? Seriously, why do you even watch the show if all you do is complain when your favorite character is bad?

  27. John TheBeakman Botros

    Albert Teague You need to use your brain, SIr. Mona received texts from -A too when she was on the A team herself, so your comment means nothing. Better luck next time there, pal.

  28. Samira Moretti

    Theres an interview a d the guy that produces or something said thaf he is bad…but what reason no one k ow… Hes supposed to be similar to dr jeckkle and mr hyde situation (excuse my spelling). I think he was too angry to be just helping. But then again this show is misleading but at the same time there is always cluea.

  29. Cristena Concialloni-Bagne

    Why would Ezra be A when Aria found out about Malcolm "A" was saying giving her problems saying "you tell him or I will" and all that stuff about telling Ezra about the baby…. so if Ezra was A then he would have already known about the baby…. and then he was completely gone for a bit because he was spending time with his new family.

  30. Taylor Constable

    Ok so I hope Ezra is part of A or maybe he's just stalking the girls to get to Ali. He has always been a sketchy character to me. If they go the "oh I was trying to figure out what was going on to keep you safe/Toby route"that will be Boring. Why was he in Ravenswood? Ms. Grunwald said, "he's here." Any other person I could possibly see stalking the girls is Jason.

  31. Sinea Vanderheyden

    If he showed up to save the girls why didnt he stop them from going into the store? And how did he know where the lair was?

  32. Deborah Meister

    No. 2: He warmed up to “A” stuff pretty quickly. Frankly, I used to think this was bad acting.

    I am SHOCKED that you(the author of this article) thinks that IAN has ANYTHING to do with the Acting Choices he made… You understand that there is a script, and a director and they direct him to play this or that…it's not him making the choice…so him being a "bad actor" is just so wrong to think when you are having those reasons : Ezra was pretty unflappable when he found out what the liars did to Jenna, accepted the idea of “A” immediately and without question, and pushed his former love Aria to spend more time with Jenna.

  33. Sophie Gitterle

    Breanna Marie Preuss um no, the eye peeping through at them was blue. Go to Sasha's instagram page (sashapieterse27) – she posted a picture of the eye saying 'recognise this?'.. regardless.. the eye is 100% blue.

  34. Tasha Loveday Hanley

    Im not on the Ezra is definitely A bandwagon just yet myself… But that could be explained by saying Ezra was angry with Aria for not being honest with her and this is why he was pushing her to tell.

  35. BMW 320D, The Driving Experience. Purchase the BMW Lifestyle.

    Alison has to be alive.

    I think Ezra was definitely Alison's secret older man. He came to the funeral of Alison in the first episode. Why else would he come to her funeral if he didn't know her. Ezra was using the girls to try and find Alison. I'm not sure whether it was Ezra the one torturing the girls the whole time though, or whether he is A. I don't think they would give it away that easy.

    Otherwise if it isn't Ezra behind all of this, I think Aria is. She might be A, and that's who Alison is afraid of in the group. She might have split personalities or something. There has to be a reason she is the one in the beginning saying 'shhh'. She might be with Ezra to punish Alison even more.

    Mrs Grunwald said that Alison didn't trust the girls, possibly because one of them is involved – Aria. She also said Alison was scared of him (Ezra we assume). So either Aria is scared of him too or they are working together possibly.

  36. Tiffany Fox

    In the previous episode there is yarn for knitting and A stabs the doll with the knitting needle. When Shawna goes to see Mona in this episode she is knitting with yarn. Coincidence

  37. JustinSara Crocker

    I think everyone wants to believe that its not Ezra because they just want him to be good. But I have long suspected him because he is too perfect. It's always the least likely person you would suspect. I could totally see him being darker. Also, there are so many literary references and french references in A's messages. Which Ezra has knowledge of both.

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