Jessica Biel Getting Tired Of Justin Timberlake Cheating Rumors

Jessica Biel Getting Tired Of Justin Timberlake Cheating Rumors

Jessica Biel is happily married to Justin Timberlake and reportedly ready to start a family, yet the couple is still dogged by breakup rumors and reports that Justin is being unfaithful.

The reports are starting to get to Jessica.

Case in point: rumors swirled earlier this week when Justin was seen leaving a party at Philadelphia’s Sigma Sound Studios with an unidentified blonde woman following him. The mystery woman sparked speculation that Justin could be stepping out on Jessica Biel, but before long the woman revealed herself and the true nature of her relationship with Timberlake.

“Should I just go ahead and change my name to mystery blonde?” tweeted Caitlynn Timberlake, Justin’s cousin and his guest at the Philadelphia party that night.

While the mix-up seems good for a laugh, it appears that Jessica Biel isn’t too amused with it all.

“It’s no lie that Jessica is getting sick of all these rumors about her new husband,” a source told OK magazine. “It’s even more annoying because the truth is they’re very much in love and are talking about starting a family next year. So for him to be linked to a woman who happens to be in the same picture is starting to wear a bit thin.”

Jessica and Justin showed off just how strong their relationship is during the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. She was in the audience to support Justin as he and his *NSYNC bandmates reunited, but this time it was Jessica herself who came under scrutiny.

The actress work a head-turning sheer frock that revealed her underwear under the bright lights of photographers, landing her on the fashion don’t list.

“Honestly, what is Jessica Biel wearing?,” noted Hollywood Life. “I never thought I would hear anyone say this, but we all could have done without seeing this much of Mrs. Timberlake. From the seriously sheer fabric to the billowing sleeves and the unflattering way the fabric clings to her figure, this whole get-up is such a mess… I don’t mean to be harsh. After all, Jessica is a gorgeous girl with a fantastic figure who usually dresses great on the red carpet — but that’s why I can’t find a single nice thing to say about this look.”

It may have been a fashion flop for Jessica Biel, but at least it drew headlines away from the unfounded cheating rumors for a night.