Jessica Biel In Sexy Sheer VMAs Number, Do Or Don’t?

Jessica Biel was on hand at Sunday’s VMAs to support hubby Justin Timberlake in his big deal appearance, but the actress’ hot frock turned as many heads as her man’s reunion with ‘N Sync.

At the event, Jessica Biel wore a dress that could almost be deemed conservative — all black and with a high, not plunging neckline. However, the modesty stopped there, as the gown was also mostly sheer.

It wasn’t even sheer in the “oops, that flash is bright, and I should have worn a more subtle thong” way, but actually just pure lace. In the dress, Jessica looks fab, and the lace covers nearly her whole arm, extends below the knee, and has an almost Victorian rise at the collarbone.

Biel’s dress definitely covered but didn’t conceal all the areas the lace showed, but her “underwear” beneath the number — probably a part of the dress — was also reasonably conservative. Somewhat like a 1950s bikini, the solid construction of the dress featured a high-waisted brief and full-coverage strapless bra-like portion, preserving the actress’ modesty despite the see-through fabric.

Still, Jessica Biel got some fashion talking-to after the VMAs, with HollywoodLife calling out her dress as a style no-no:

“Honestly, what is Jessica Biel wearing? I never thought I would hear anyone say this, but we all could have done without seeing this much of Mrs. Timberlake. From the seriously sheer fabric to the billowing sleeves and the unflattering way the fabric clings to her figure, this whole get-up is such a mess… I don’t mean to be harsh. After all, Jessica is a gorgeous girl with a fantastic figure who usually dresses great on the red carpet — but that’s why I can’t find a single nice thing to say about this look.”

Jessica Biel and her sheer dress may not be to everyone’s taste, but as far as fashion choices go, it’s certainly not up there with Bjork’s swan number years back. Did you like Mrs. T’s VMAs look?

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