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Paula Deen Lawsuit Is Settled

Paula Deen settles Lisa Jackson Lawsuit

The Paula Deen lawsuit filed against her by Lisa Jackson was settled today.

In a one-sentence order filed in Georgia federal court, the case was dismissed by agreement of the parties, with no award of any legal fees or court costs. It was also concluded “with prejudice,” a legal term that means that lawsuit can never be filed again and that this is the end of the line for all claims.

No terms of the settlement were announced, which is not unusual in high-profile legal cases of this kind, but presumably someone wrote a big check to avoid the further expense of a trial.

Earlier this month, the presiding judge threw out the racial discrimination component of Jackson’s lawsuit against Deen, ruling that Jackson, who is white, had no legal standing to pursue that particular claim. The sexual harassment charges were left in place, however.

Today, however, the case ended with an out-of-court settlement as most lawsuits do. Jackson’s lawyer said in an email that “the matter has been amicably resolved,” the Bloomberg news agency reports.

The celebrity chef has been engulfed in a huge controversy as a result of a lawsuit filed by former employee Jackson who accused Deen and her brother of allowing a hostile work environment including sexual harassment and racial slurs while Jackson worked as manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga. The revelations about Deen’s use of racial slurs years ago emerged as a result of deposition transcripts in the case.

Deen’s fall from grace has caused her to lose her gig with the Food Network as well as business deals with Smithfield Foods, Walmart, diabetes drugmaker Novo Nordisk, and many other risk-averse marketing partners. Random House has even pulled the plugged on her new cookbook even thought it was a guaranteed best seller.

The settlement of the Paula Deen lawsuit prompted the southern cooking diva to release the following statement:

“I am pleased that the Judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved. During this time my faith has strengthened me and the tremendous outpouring of support as well as prayers from folks from all walks of life has been both humbling and overwhelming. I am confident that those who truly know how I live my live know that I believe in kindness and fairness for everyone.”

Jackson released a surprisingly conciliatory statement about the controversy that in part praised Dean for helping Jackson pursue her career and that “I assumed that all of my complaints about the workplace environment were getting to Paula Deen, but I learned during this matter that this was not the case.”

Now that the Paula Deen lawsuit has been settled, do you think she will be able to make a television comeback at some point or otherwise rebuild her public image?

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36 Responses to “Paula Deen Lawsuit Is Settled”

  1. Danielle Cartee

    Even though the case has been dismissed and/or settled. The fact remains that Jackson ruined Paula Deen in order to get her way. If I was Paula, I would turn around and sue Jackson for everything she has. Let her be in the hot seat and see how it feels to have your life turned upside down and your character ruined. This woman should be ashamed of herself for what she has done to get noticed, too bad she will now have a hard time finding a job in Georgia or anywhere.

  2. Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

    it was all about the money from the beginning and it is the court systems fault for allowing these bull shit cases every be heard little lone settle out of court by huge sums of payment.

  3. Victoria Robertson

    Why would Paula Deen want to put herself at that woman's level and counter sue? She is a Christian woman and I don't believe for one second she would seek out vengence due to what was done to her.

  4. Marne Ernstsen Newton

    I believe she may be able to have some career but that the media and such have destroyed her financially.

  5. Mel Wells

    sue her for deflamation of character! While being a good Christian is one thing, its not about vengance its about regaining her name and character, along with getting her life back in line.

  6. Belinda Dawson Luna

    I think she has shown herself (by actions ~ not words) to be the kind of person we all thought she represented. I commend her for holding her ground, her honesty and using her faith vocally at every turn. Those that have chosen to "ban" her and her products well, IMO it is there loss. I would like to think that her future though different than maybe she (and we) thought will find a new path where she can continue to bless others with personality and amazing food!

  7. Stephanie Rice Cauler

    sounds like she was just greedy and sued her using the "race" card to bleed money out of her because she was rich…now Paula Deen should sue her for all the sponsor she lost and all the money she lost because of this waste of time and money lawsuit….greedy people…

  8. Rachael Shirah

    I think that all those companies that dropped Mrs. Deen like a hot potato are spinless individuals who lacked the intelligence to see this for what it was and not what it appeared to be. I for one hope that these companies suffer the finance loss for years to come. I support you Mrs. Deen 100% and look forward to your future endeavors. God bless and good luck.

  9. Mori Lemau

    …so the FACT the the Judge threw the case out of court because "the racial discrimination component of Jackson’s lawsuit against Deen, ruling that Jackson, who is white, had no legal standing to pursue that particular claim," has no bearing?

  10. Judy Lou

    Marilyn Carl OConnell: Everyone has their own opinion… Those without sin cast the first stone. Who over 50 has not used the N word sometime in their past ? I believe Paula Deen has shown grace & humility as well as honesty in her ordeal. NOT A RACIST but a real southern Lady.

  11. Mary L. Snay

    You are right. That B—- Jackson brought this up after how many years? She wanted attention and money is all. People sue for the damndest things now and it is ridiculous. If she had a workplace complaint, why didn't she talk to Paula. I am sure she would have listened. She used the racist crap to get attention in the first place. Just Ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer money also.

  12. Dan Nielsen

    Usually when these things are settles out of court there is non-disclosure agreement…neither side can speak about the matter. There is also an agreement that prevents the defendant(Paula Dean) from suing the plaintiff(Jackson). Finally in about 99% of these cases, they are settled out of court because the defendant, just wants it to go away, and they want to move on with their lives with no more harm being done to their reputation.

  13. Charlene Wood

    Sticks and stones may break my bones , but words can never hurt me. I wonder how many people have lost their jobs due to these accusations against Paula Deen. I would say quite a few innocent people were punished in the effort to squeeze some money out of her.

  14. Annette Jensen

    Marilyn Carl OConnell The woman suing her was white, how does that make her a racist?

  15. M Jayson Graham

    Judy Lou So we should excuse the behavior because "everybody" has done it? No Judy Lou. Paula was wrong. Now she is suffering the consequences of her actions. I believe that she is TRULY sorry but she's got to carry that mistake every time it comes up. She and her team got a little too comfortable with her fame and now EVERYBODY on the team suffers. Don't make excuses for her, especially, that one. She is a grown ass woman.

  16. M Jayson Graham

    Annette Jensen It's about hostile work environments. Just like if two people in the work area are talking sexually to one another but not you, you can file with HR for sexual harassment. If you feel uncomfortable then it is a hostile work place.

  17. Jan Sebestyen

    Also, the case was filed with "prejudice" which means that neither side can sue the other side over this issue ever again!

  18. James Niedenthal

    This is a true testament to how far people will go to get something for nothing. Yes she settled and probably paid a lot to do it because this has cost her everything that she worked so hard to build. The sad state of American society is that accusations like this weather they are true or not will destroy someone and everything they worked for. Time to stop making people pay for the past, time to stop destroying people over worlds, time to stop letting these types of cases clog up our judicial system.

  19. Laura Anne Hess

    She is not destroyed financially. She had millions. Her net worth was astonishing. She will bounce back and perhaps have a wiser, kinder outlook.

  20. Michelle Zahrte

    Mori Lemau yes that part but it still was happening just she wasnt an opposite race still was offended and she settled not dismissed

  21. Michelle Zahrte

    Judy Lou would you let a pedophile that wasnt convicted babysit?? same thing shes a douch all the south that thinks that they can say N this n that are offensive doesnt matter how you were raised i was raised one way too but i dont use that word

  22. Anne Wright

    I think this might be a time for Paula Deen to regroup and possibly start a new chapter in her life. She could view this time as a gift and move on. Ms. Jackson will reap what she has sown.

  23. Julie Brooks

    It is kind of odd that if Wal-Mart dropped her products, why did they have some of her baked goods on the shelf at their bakery the other day.

  24. Selina Wisenbaker Dunworth

    If Paula has somehow learned what she did that was wrong (and she did plenty that had nothing to do with the n-word) I wish her well and I do believe she'll get her life back.

  25. Kassie Burnett

    I sincerely hope that Ms. Deen, steps up as the bigger person. Finds NEW companies to deal with and moved forward. I for one will be purchasing her new Cookbook and I hope she deals with an up and coming company that will not be so quick to convict. I used to be innocent until proven guilty, I guess Food Network, Ballantine PUblishing, Walmart, JCPenny etc etc. don't have to play by the rules.

  26. Deborah Ripoli

    Marilyn Carl OConnell she is not a racist. quit using that card, it is getting old. you have no idea what you are talking about. this jackson person was obviously out for money.

  27. Christine Jackson

    well here's the thing… charges of racial discrimination were dropped because her former employee was white and had no grounds for filing for racial discrimination. It still doesn't change the fact that there is a history of discriminatory practices in Paula Deen's workplace toward blacks. An investigation was conducted that uncovered some snarky employment practices in Paula Deen's restaurants. Do I think she should have lost everything over it? no but the organization that conducted the investigation was looking for her to make some changes in her employment policies. I really hope that they haven't backed down on that. ALL employees deserve the same opportunities for advancement regardless of race religion etc. The loss here will be if no changes are made on that front.

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