Justin Bieber Laughs As Fan Twerks For Him

Justin Bieber: Miami Nights And The Fan Who Twerked

Justin Bieber’s recent Miami night has already produced some pretty surprising pictures, so what’s one more?

It turns out, somewhere in between hanging out with very famous people, the 19-year-old was given an impromptu twerk performance by a female fan.

There’s evidence too.

In a photograph that Twitter user @Mandslopez posted on Friday, (Aug.16), she is seen twerking for the singer with a look on her face that’s priceless.

Bieber would probably agree. Except he wasn’t looking at her face.

“I was twerking on him what the f**k and I kissed his neck after this,” the girl, reportedly called Amanda, captioned the photo.

Inevitably, after tweeting the twerking snap Ms. Lopez found herself on the receiving end of a mix of congratulations and hostility from Beliebers.

Amanda tried reasoning with some of the online fans: “I don’t understand why some people just can’t be happy for you! Why do you have to say mean things and rub past things in my face like they are going to affect me?” she asked.

“Whatever. I’m going to sleep. I had [an] amazing night and I will remember it forever,” she wrote.

So will the Internet.

Justin Bieber Gets Twerked On By Miami Fan