Biofuel cars may be closer than we think, says INEOS Bio CEO Peter Williams

Biofuel Cars Commercially Viable, Says New Company

Biofuel cars may be the wave of the near future, says a new company.

As the prices of gasoline continue to rise, making it harder and harder to keep the budget under control as the car takes all of your money for fossil fuel byproducts, innovate companies are searching for new alternatives. INEOS Bio says that non-food vegetable waste could easily make crude-oil-based fuels a thing of the past.

Just imagine all of that stuff you probably throw in a plastic bag and tie up tightly being recycled to fuel your car. That’s precisely what INEOS Bio chief executive CEO Peter Williams says they are aiming for. For now it’s wood that’s being converted into commercially viable fuel in just a matter of minutes, but they are working on a way to turn nearly all organic garbage into something you can run your car on. He explains, “They have successfully addressed the challenges of moving a new technology to large production scale for the very first time. Consequently, we are now pleased to announce that we are producing commercial quantities of bioethanol from vegetative and wood waste, and at the same time exporting power to the local community – a world first.”

The conversion to biofuel cars may be less expensive than you think. Ethanol production can be started by simply burning some kinds of wood or trash, and then converting the gases into alcohol by means of a bacteria. The alcohol is then distilled to become a form of fuel. It’s environmentally friendly and makes a decent amount of what’s needed to make the process worth producing on a commercial level.

The only downside to the process is the use of electricity to make it work, but INEOS Bio is working on a way to eliminate that problem as well. Thus far, however, the Department of Energy applauds the progress made thus far to eliminate the need for fossil fuels to power vehicles, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and making basic travel cheaper in general.

INEOS Bio hopes to begin shipping their product for biofuel cars as early as this August from their Vero Beach, Florida facility. Hopefully this is just the first big step toward managing the universal budget and the environment in the near future.

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Are you ready to switch from fossil fuel to biofuel cars as green technology makes it possible?