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Foster Mother Charged In Murder Of 2-Year-Old Alexandria Hill

Foster mother charged in murder of Alexandria Hill

A Texas foster mother has been accused of murdering 2-year-old Alexandria Hill.

Sherill Small called 911 on July 29 and said that Alexandria had stopped breathing. The girl was taken to a Rockdale area hospital, and then flown to White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple, where she remained in a coma until she was taken off life support last Wednesday.

According to Rockdale Police Chief Thomas Harris, Small tried to hide what cause Alexandria’s injuries. Doctors said the explanation Small gave to police were not consistent with the child’s injuries.

“Initially the story was [that] the child was running backwards and fell,” Harris told KWTX. “You don’t get these types of injuries from a 2-year-old child running backwards and falling.”

Doctors said Alexandra had retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, as well as brain hemorrhaging. Small initially said she was swinging Alexandria in circles and accidentally let go of her hands. She later admitted that she was frustrated with the girl and she swung her over her head and down near the ground three times. The third time, Alexandria’s head hit the floor. Small was arrested on August 1 and charged with criminal homicide.

Alexandria’s father, Joshua Hill, said his daughter was placed in foster care because he and her mother “smoked pot at the time.” Court records showed that the girl’s mother had a medical condition that didn’t allow her to be left alone with the child.

Hill said Alexandria moved in with Sherill Small after he and his wife complained that a previous home wasn’t safe. He said she came to visitation with bruises, and had mold and mildew in her bag. At one point, Hill told police they would have to arrest him because he didn’t want Alexandria to go back into state care.

But things were different with Small, Hill said. Alexandria seemed happy with her.

Sherill Small was a licensed foster parent through Texas Mentor, and gained custody of Alexandria Hill in January. She was required to undergo training as part of her licensing.

Joshua Hill and Mary Sweeney, Alexandria’s mother, are working to file a lawsuit against the state and the foster agency.

Sherill Small is being held on $100,000 bond.

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24 Responses to “Foster Mother Charged In Murder Of 2-Year-Old Alexandria Hill”

  1. Tina Evans-Longenbarger

    This absolutely disgusts me! The took that little angel away from her parents because they smoke pot and gave her to a child abuser! Let me get this straight, she would still be alive had they just left her with her loving parents!

  2. Laurie Ann

    Small needs to get death penalty and nothing less! Who beats children! Rot in hell

  3. Brent Xavier Rendall

    oh well done Texus yahhh fucking did it again
    you thought taking a young girl from her parents just 'cause her father smoked weed…that's shit-stupid enough
    but somehow she ends up under the roof of this fucking scum…were there no background checks!?!?
    is everyone in Texas with power spend their free time drooling on their clothes or something!?

  4. Mariana Zavala

    Did you actually read the article? Her mother had a medical condition that didn't allow her to be left alone with the child. Meaning her mother might be psychotic.

  5. Chelsea Richards

    Our CPS system in the US is so backwards it's sickening. Children who are physically and sexually abused remain in their homes with their abusers, children who should not have been removed in the first place are put into even worse situations. I have heard abusive parents say to their children, "Go ahead, call the cops. You won't like where you end up." How true and devastating it is. Now TX wants to limit abortion to 5 clinics throughout the entire state. These monsters will end up with innumerable unwanted babies and nowhere safe to put them. Shame, shame. I am moving.

  6. Sherry Lewkowicz

    What a tragic story. I agree with you about our system.

  7. Samm Dassler

    I don't see why the state just offered daycare for the kid? While her father was working, because she was still allowed to see her mother, just not alone? Sadly, a lot of foster homes/parents do more harm then good.

  8. Ryan Thomas

    Mariana Zavala The mother was epileptic. That was her medical condition. Epilepsy.

  9. Ryan Thomas

    Mariana Zavala The mother was epileptic. That was her medical condition. Epilepsy.

  10. Jorn Birx

    Mariana Zavala Are you retarded? It nowhere says she was psychotic, and even if she was psychotic, her daughter would still be alive right now.

    Did you actually activate your brain today?

  11. Brandy M Pearsall-Valdez

    Mariana Zavala or she simply could have seizures, maybe she's blind, maybe she has no arms, don't pass judgement, you don't know the circumstances of why

  12. Shuan J Bistra

    But that wasn't why the child was moved to foster care, because the child still had a father there. She was taken away specifically because of pot. The war on drugs claims another victim.

  13. Lou Hoffman Renshaw

    Personally I hope they execute the crazy person. Our "laws to protect" at work. This poor child. Well Mariana, she might still be alive if left with her pot smoking father. And they never go into what condition her mother might have. Frankly, it couldn't be worse than this psychotic person that killed her. Maybe they need to screen foster parents better. I hope the father sues and wins

  14. Ryan Hart

    Mariana Zavala, shut your ignorant mouth. Who honestly immediately jumps to that conclusion? The person with the psychosis clearly is you. Either that or you're just plain stupid.

  15. Sierra Lail

    Mariana Zavala: Key word there is MIGHT, and she had a father who could have taken care of her. Last time I checked having seizures isn't a psychotic problem.