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Kanye West To Buy Graceland For Kim Kardashian

Kanye West

Kanye West wants to buy Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis, for his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

The rapper is interested in buying the iconic abode for the reality TV star, who gave birth to their first child, North West, in June, and he is confident that he will be able to complete the purchase of the building.

It’s been reported that Graceland will cost West around $85million, and he will then use it as a home for him, Kardashian and their daughter.

West has always been intrigued by Elvis and insiders have remarked that he wants to buy the icon’s former home because he believes that it would be really cool “if he, Kim and baby Nori lived there, at least some of the time.”

Kanye also believes that by purchasing the household he will be able to boost his reputation, which has been slightly dented because of his relationship with the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

If West actually does buy the building he will look to restore it to its “former glory” and he then believes that this will cement his place in the history of show business.

The rapper’s enthusiasm for Elvis Presley stems back to the fact that the musician combined gospel and blues music, and then sold it to the masses.

Currently, Graceland is an America national landmark, and it’s owned by Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. She is the sole owner of the 13-acre mansion, which is on Elvis Presley Boulevard, as well as all of her father’s costumes, furniture, cars, awards, and various other artifacts.

The tourist attraction has around 500,000 visitors every year, all of which flock to the building to pay their respects to the King of Rock and Roll, who is widely regarded as the most important figure in American music.

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10 Responses to “Kanye West To Buy Graceland For Kim Kardashian”

  1. Carolyn Spahn Duprey

    Let us hope this never, ever happens. It would be a sacrilege to the legend who was Elvis. Kanye West is no Elvis.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG! Let's hope it NEVER happens! Just a man trying to buy what must be earned! Just a rich black guy trying to impress his white, trophy girl friend. The ENTIRE bunch will NEVER have the class or talent Elvis had in a fingernail!

  3. Amy Fitzgerald Benjamin

    I live in memphis and I will not share the same city limits with this fool.

  4. Carol Marie Hardin

    Really??!!? Can we say more money than sense? I don't see this ending well…

  5. Austin Barber

    Why would he try to buy Graceland? He is so ignorant!! That would ruin Memphis even more than it is already! Shameful!!!

  6. JoAnna McKenzie-Caron

    OMG! This will break my heart if the A-hole buys Graceland for that tramp. I love Elvis. I hope & pray that Lisa Marie has the good sense not to sell her treasured home to this fool with no talent & his slut who got famous by making a porn tape. I pray that they & their hideous families never step foot into Elvis' precious Graceland! God please don't let this happen!

  7. Rick Green

    kanye? you have zero class. why don't you buy o j simpsons house, or a fixer upper in watts?. you like white women, you like white mens homes…I hope graceland is never for sale.

  8. Dawn Hagadone

    I also don't want to see graceland sold. They really need to keep just like it is.And while I am on here I would love someoneTo help me find Elvis Presley seat covers 8 pc set for my ford rancher Elvis truck. thank you e-mail

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