Sarah and Todd Palin

Todd Palin Email Flap Reveals An Unhinged “Shoot From The Hip” Man

Todd Palin has admitted that sending angry emails to Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller was a mistake, but then he brushed off his mistake as a misunderstanding.

Todd Palin told the Weekly Standard:

“My family has worked hard in supporting Joe Miller, so when I heard he’d said something less than supportive of my wife’s efforts, I responded,” adding “But it turns out we’d gotten our wires crossed and Joe hadn’t said anything like what I’d been told.”

Not wanting to fully take credit for his actions, Palin went on to blame the press for exposing his mean rants to Miller:

“There’s no story here except the fact that the press put our personal emails online again, and again couldn’t even be bothered to conceal our email addresses or take any steps to protect our privacy.”

The story Mr. Palin is that you shoot from the hip and ask questions later, you yelled at a guy from your own party because he “may” have said some stuff you didn’t agree with. In terms of politics, your wife quit her own party affiliation when she jumped ship on the Alaska governorship, which gives Miller the right say whatever he wants in regards to your wife’s “Efforts” which really amount to quitting at the one real job she had.