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Angry Husband Beats And Rapes Wife’s Lover For 15 hours

husband tortures wife's lover for 15 hours

If you’re having an affair with a married woman, it’s probably best to get a room or otherwise hook up at the proverbial undisclosed, secure location.

That’s one of the lessons of a criminal case in Oslo, Norway, in which a man received 8-1/2 years behind bars for torturing his wife’s lover for 15 hours.

A “rude awakening” in the extreme perhaps?

Apparently the jilted husband found the lovers naked in bed and got a little upset. He tied his wife’s paramour to a radiator and beat him with an axe, a bottle, and a pair of cables. But he didn’t stop there. According to The Local of Norway, he also raped the man.

The situation got even more edgy because the husband filmed part of the ordeal on video and demanded the equivalent of about $2,000 from the cheater or he would send the footage to the other guy’s family.

The Oslo District Court found the father-of-four guilty of aggravated rape, kidnapping, and blackmail. The court also ordered him to pay about $53,000 in money damages to the victim.

Infidelity can often bring out the worst in relationships. In a recent incident, an enraged wife in Peru tossed her unfaithful husband’s lover off a cliff.

A recent study published by a Kansas State University professor suggested that financial arguments are a prime predictor of divorce, surpassing disputes over sex, children, and in-laws. Notably, infidelity was not mentioned or considered in the research. Another study from Auburn University suggests that cheating wives are closing the so-called infidelity gap, with the number of woman admitting to having extra-marital affairs rising 40 percent in 20 years. Other research has suggested that only 31 percent of marriages survive after the discovery of an affair.

The Mayo Clinic offers several non-violent options when one spouse discovers the other is cheating. These include avoiding making rash decisions, giving yourself and your partner space, seeking counseling, and allowing time for the healing process to occur. Anger management couldn’t hurt, either.

Violence is never the answer, but how would you react if you discovered your spouse in flagrante delicto?

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18 Responses to “Angry Husband Beats And Rapes Wife’s Lover For 15 hours”

  1. Eryn Stilp

    I would just leave the loser who cheated on me. Their loss, I don't have time to deal with cheaters. *shrug*

  2. Eric Bridges

    There is absolutely NO excuse for cheating! Sex is great but it is not a matter of life or death. If someone needs a physical relationship with someone else then they should end their current relationship, wait 60 days, then engage in the new relationship. We're humans not animals, we have the capacity to not give in to our animalistic desires and show a little respect for the other persons feelings. Not every relationship has the chemistry to work, but every relationship between two adults should have basic rules of conduct. First among them, is respect the other persons needs and feelings.

  3. William Noffsinger

    If He felt the need to beat someone it should have been his wife. Her lover didn't make any vows to the husband.

  4. Kelsey Marie Harrell

    Just out of curiosity… why are you dictating that they wait 60 days? I think that's up to the parties involved.

  5. Amber Nicole Kilgore

    I mean, overkill, maybe, but if you're gonna be "indecent," at least have the decency to do so someplace discreet.
    Also, maybe the wife was more at fault that the lover? I mean, in that particular relationship, is she not the harmful party? Misdirected rage…tsk tsk.

  6. Deborah Akerson

    He should have taken his anger out on the wife not the lover! He raped a man I hope the wife has sense enough to leave him now?

  7. Deborah Akerson

    He should have taken his anger out on the wife not the lover! He raped a man I hope the wife has sense enough to leave him now?

  8. Deborah Akerson

    He should have taken his anger out on the wife not the lover! He raped a man I hope the wife has sense enough to leave him now?

  9. Don Grantzki

    The idiot justice system makes it a point to continue to cuckold the betrayed husband by robbing of his worldly possessions and often expecting him to pay to raise any bastards which are produced by the cheating whore wife.

  10. Julian Navarro III

    Nothing to see here but a case of Karma, Folks. ROFL, you really can't blame the husband, it's human instinct to protect one's self and family from assault.

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