Jilted Woman Tosses Love Rival Over Cliff [Video]

Arequipa, Peru – An enraged woman attacked her unfaithful husband’s alleged lover and tossed her over a cliff.

By the way, it wasn’t a “fiscal cliff” (remember that?), it was real cliff.

The violent incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

As shown in the footage, the wife caught the pair having what they thought was a private rendezvous; her apparently cheating husband immediately bailed from the scene, and his wife then dragged the alleged girlfriend, 25, by the hair and threw her down the cliff.

The drop-off to the ravine was about 20 feet, but fortunately the other woman wasn’t seriously harmed although she reportedly received treatment at a local hospital for lacerations and bruises.

The wife, who may be in need of some anger management sessions, subsequently expressed remorse over the cliff incident: “In a later interview the jilted wife said she didn’t remember throwing the woman off the cliff, only pulling her by the hair. She said she was overcome with rage and regretted the incident. Meanwhile, she’d separated from [her husband] and asked him to provide for their four kids but otherwise leave her alone.”

According to a recent study, only 31 percent of marriages last after an affair has been revealed. Discovering a extramarital affair can obviously give rise to powerful emotions in a relationship, which can include, among other things, both rage and remorse. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several (non-violent) options for couples to begin mending after an affair takes place in the marriage. These post-infidelity recommendations include avoiding making rash decisions, giving yourself and your partner space, seeking counseling, and allowing time for the healing process to occur. “Money worries, health issues and disagreements about children can strain a relationship — but infidelity undermines the foundation of marriage itself.”

How would you respond if you found out that your spouse was cheating?

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