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O.J. Simpson: Only Three Months To Live?

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O.J. Simpson has only three months to live, reports the Mail Online. Doctors have expressed concern that 66-year-old Simpson is suffering from a terminal case of diabetes due to his unhealthy life style.

He has gained an enormous amount of weight – now he is up to 300 pounds, according to the Daily Enquirer.

A deadly combination of extreme high blood pressure, a lack of physical activity, and his weight gain have caused the doctors to form their conclusion.

It was at a court hearing in May this year that the public first became aware of the huge difference in Simpson’s appearance.

It is reported that he passes the time just laying in his bed in his cell, only getting up to eat junk food and sugary snacks.

A friend – not identified – told the Enquirer:

“OJ’s doctors have told him he could be dead in as little as three months because of his out-of-control blood sugar and blood pressure…..But OJ doesn’t care. He knows he’s never going to get out of prison, so he refuses to take care of himself.”

Simpson is facing 33 years in prison after his conviction for robbery which took place in 2008. He seems to have given up on the possibility of parole and, even on life itself.

Maybe because there is an allegation that he confessed to the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Supposedly he told a cellmate that he will put the admission in writing, to be published on his death.

On the other hand Simpson’s attorney, Ozzie Fumo, claimed no knowledge of Simpson’s poor state of health..

He said: “As far as I know his health is very good, he was doing just fine. I just spoke to him on Saturday……I spent a lot of time with him preparing for the retrial motion and he never once mentioned diabetes.”

Mr Fumo also told MailOnline that they had discussed health issues, and had meals together, “and he seemed fine.” Which is strange, considering that Simpson has been reported as singing to himself: “If I only had a brain” from The Wizard Of Oz.

It is also said that he ignores people when they talk to him, and often wanders around in a glassy-eyed trance. He still seems to have the support of his family, but he doesn’t pay much attention to them either.

So sad to see O.J. Simpson in this condition. This is truly a case of “how the mighty have fallen.”

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11 Responses to “O.J. Simpson: Only Three Months To Live?”

  1. Brotherap Brotherap

    Another bunch of sick negative lies that America's press, now reduced in total to tabloid buffoonery, must keep going to make a lousy buck. America needs to do something that is doubtful and that is to examine its own sick mind to the extent that race has a subliminal impact. Simpson's case would be a good subject to start with. Then those of you who possess such sick minds ask yourself what will you do when the truth is exposed that Simpson was in the back seat of a limo to LAX while his wife was still alive on the phone with her mother at 11PM? The 2 books that reveal the truth behind the whole Simpson fraud, are "PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35" and "DOUBLE CROSSED FOR BLOOD" along with the documentary also via Amazon entitled 'SERPENTS RISING'.

  2. Francesca Duff

    He killed her. I saw him do it. When he had his huge foot on her back he pulled her head back by the hair then slit her throat. I could hear the crunching of the vertebra of her neck and back. Then along came Ron Goldman with the glasses. He tried to run but Orenthal was in a rage and panic. He slaughtered him with no remorse but with great force. There was so much blood and the dog was going crazy. He killed them.

  3. Francesca Duff

    And just what are YOU complaining about the nullified jury found him not guilty. He was treated a lot better than any other man would have in the same situation. My brother is interred near Nicole's grave and I always leave some flowers.

  4. Michele Perry

    It's called Karma! This murdering asshat is getting back what he has given. No sympathy here.

  5. Dan Nathan

    I'm glad OJ is in jail and that the State of Nevada accomplished what we couldn't here in California. I feel that the Nevada case was trumped up and that in LA the DA wouldn't have filed half the charges. What about the possibility of granting him parole if he came forth with a confession?

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