Gomez did an exclusive interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Future Plans

Selena Gomez is always thinking about her future and she already has plans for a family of her own. The popular singer opened up during an interview with Ryan Seacrest recently in which she reveals both her professional and personal goals.

The 20-year-old is always linked to Justin Bieber, but she’s moving on and is looking to become more independent in the process. Getting her own place is the first step, which she said could come much sooner than later.

“I didn’t ever wanna be forceful to saying, ‘OK, I’ve made enough to get my own house and OK, let’s blow it off and do whatever.'” Gomez told Seacrest during the exclusive interview. “I just love being with my family and I love knowing that they’re there. But yeah, I think it’s probably time for me to get my own house.”

The sit-down interview will appear on the E! special, Ryan Seacrest with Selena Gomez, which will air this Sunday at 10 p.m. EST. Outside of buying her own home, Gomez was also asked if she has a 10-year-plan for the future.

“I do, but you just never know how it’s gonna execute,” she added. “I have goals—personally and in my professional career, too—but what’s in today could be gone tomorrow, so you might not see me in five years.”

The Spring Breakers star surely won’t be out of the spotlight within the next five years, but she’s not taking any chances. As for her personal life, Gomez is also planning on having a pretty big family of her own.

“I mean, I’m Latin, so…[laughs],” she said, before adding, “I don’t know, obviously when that time comes I’ll decide, but of course I like having a big family.”

There’s no telling if Justin Bieber will be apart of her future, but the former couple will always be connected through reports, sightings, and the ever-growing rumor mill.

Do you think Selena Gomez is the only young star who’s spent time mapping out her future plans?

[Image via Mikey Hennessy]