Paris Hilton Boyfriend Not Jealous of Success

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend River Viiperi Isn’t Intimidated By Her Success

Dating Paris Hilton isn’t for everyone. While in the days past the reality TV star and Hilton company heiress was viewed as a partying airhead, in recent years she has become a powerhouse businesswoman.

Hilton has been dating boyfriend River Viiperi for the last 14 months, and he says intimidation isn’t a problem. Hilton owns a billion dollar perfume line, and she’s currently preparing to open a new beach club, but River says he isn’t “insecure” about their relationship.

Speaking to Female First Hilton says of her boyfriend:

“He’s always saying how proud he is of me, so that makes me really happy. He travels with me all around the world. I love having someone who’s always there for me.”

Hilton says her boyfriend is always praising her:

“He’s so supportive. He looks up to me and says how inspiring I am. It’s hard for some men to handle; they can get jealous or insecure. But he’s like, ‘Oh my God, you’re just the most incredible woman I’ve ever met.’ “

While Paris Hilton is 32-years-old her boyfriend of 21 is very “mature” for his age. Hilton also says he is also far more reliable than the older men she dated in the past.

Speaking to Britain’s HELLO! Magazine, Hilton says of her boyfriends genuine allure:

“It’s really important to me to be able to count on someone, to know that they really love me. He’s so genuine, so romantic. He’s European, so he’s just different. He’s very mature. He’s not like any other guy I’ve met. He’s so pure and good and very special.”

While she still jetsets all over the world and attends many parties, we have seen a lot less of Paris Hilton acting like an idiot over the last few years. Perhaps it isn’t just her boyfriends who are maturing.

Do you think Paris Hilton has managed to mature and become a better person over the last decade?