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Oakland Riots Reported After Trayvon Protests [Breaking]

oakland riots trayvon verdict

In California, Oakland riots have been reported after the Trayvon Martin verdict was handed down earlier this evening in a Florida courtroom.

While several false alarms sounded earlier on Twitter, Oakland riots reports on Twitter appear to be the first confirmed instance of civil unrest following the late-night decision in Seminole County.

Twitter user @HarryElephante tweets that the reported Oakland riots are not in fact riots, and just small outbreaks of vandalism during a protest, saying:

There is no “rioting” in #Oakland. There is a small march. A couple of people broke the windows of a car. That isn’t a riot. #Zimmerman

User ‏@lexxluthaa adds:

“Protests are nothing but peaceful, don’t believe the hype #Oakland”

Another user reports that Oakland unrest reports are not protestors from Trayvon Martin rallies, saying white “college kids” have been the ones rioting in small numbers:

Another user makes the same claim, that Trayvon Martin protesters are not to blame for Oakland riots reports:

A livestream from Oakland does not appear to show riots, and footage streaming currently shows little street activity in the location filmed.

Users on Twitter are sharing purported images out of Oakland, with some indicating property may have been damaged. It is not clear whether the damage shown is related to Trayvon Martin protests, however.

Over on Twitter, users tweeting about alleged Oakland riots and Trayvon Martin protests in general have been using the hashtag #MarchForTrayvonOAK.

Update: Several users report protesters burning flags outside an Oakland McDonald’s:

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68 Responses to “Oakland Riots Reported After Trayvon Protests [Breaking]”

  1. Cindy Richards

    yeah, you know, Susan, the last thing our country needs is education to be cut.

  2. Ryan Bentley

    You really think they care about the case? They just wanted an excuse to riot.

  3. Mike Fondant

    The great thing about when people are expecting damage or riots to be happening thx to the media is that those who don't even care about the case can commit crime and it will be blamed on "protesters" who weren't even in the area for it to make sense. There's already 3 riot stories on this site and a video that is inaccurate.. the video also being a vancouver riot and this site only corrects itself at the bottom of the news article where most people wont read to? It's front page on here wtf?

    I even saw some tweets from another new site saying "protesters" were being uppity doing graffiti on property. In actual fact witnesses who were tweeting the same time said it was white youths not part of the protest on the other side of town and not from the area laughing and doing this!

    While nothing major has happened and no real riots any little incident is going to be blamed on the "protesters" oh lets be real here Black people. The only proof most people need is finding some stupid threatening tweet posts from stupid idiots who happen to be black stating ignorant comments that are being taken seriously. Like a 13 year old on xbox saying I'm going to F your mom!

  4. David Comer

    this trial was soooo over played…over dramatized….for the masses….by the "lamestream media"…..

    too bad they picked the wrong trial to "glorify" if you will…

    you want a "racially charged crime" to follow…protest….riot….& create total chaos….look to jacksonville florida…

    young "black" jordan davis was gunned down at a gate gas station by a "white" shotgun toting hater….for having his "music" tooo loud….

    here's your case you bunch of blind idiots….your missing the real story!!!

  5. Mechele Abraham-Avery

    Its very clear those supposedly rioting had ill intentions that had noting to do with Trayvon Martins Trial– stop believing the worst and read the facts! You have local residences who were presently there stating that these were not people protesting but by people who wanted to cause trouble for the peaceful masses!

  6. Mechele Abraham-Avery

    But why does it have to be one or the other? Do we not have the capacity or intelligence to fight all justice? Since when did we have to pick and choose? If you are concern about Jordan Davis, why not spread awareness as well. The fact is it seems to me like most people are looking for a reason to flatline this tragedy and move on like a life wasn't lost. Yes, he is not the only unjust death, and he will clearly not be the last unless laws are changed to help the rest of us.

  7. Dallas Oliver

    Not even close to being true. I was outside The Fox last night as the protest came through-this was Occupy's response to the verdict in Florida. Don't comment without being informed, please.

  8. Christina McDermott

    and you all wonder why people call you the N word..even whites and Hispanics can be the N word..Only In California!

  9. Anonymous

    This is what Black America get for pushing the Gay and Immigrant agenda. Read the Moynihan Report Revised. Even the idiots on the radio stations won't push it because it will hurt the President. The Black male is not on Americas agenda. God Bless.

  10. John Collins

    @David Comer – Nice try, but the guy is obviously guilty of straight forward murder. The killer is using the "stand your ground" defense, but no one is buying it.

    Go rattle some other cage.

  11. Anonymous

    we pay more in Cal than any state for education and most of us use private schools whenever we can. Why is that do you suppose? Not lack of funding…liberals steal all the money to backfill their pensions and to have free healthcare. Enough…no more money for them.

  12. Etta Paes Pepple

    Black kids get killed all the time why is this kid so dam different. Nobody did anything when those 2 dam black killed that baby in the stroller in New York, but that was ok? I'm glad the trial is over and Zimmerman is because Trayvon was nothing but trouble and was looking for trouble. Why did he just call his dam dad he lived right there? But on no he thought it was more important to call the idiot friend of his that couldn't even understand anything and to dumb to speak properly she looked like she was on drugs herself. And no I don't feel sorry for any of them!

  13. Will Lee

    The powers that be are taking our money and freedom while we fight with each other over skin color and political parties. Wake up Americans and stand together not apart because the government and the big banks are laughing all the way to the bank.They fuel the fire of skin color and political division to make us blind of what they are doing behind the scenes. United we stand divided we fall its as simple as that.

  14. Pole Shifter

    your attitude is disgusting…im sure your happy zimmerman popped him////blacks get killed all the time who cares right your white youll never have to worry

  15. Anonymous

    John Collins idiot, "no one is buying it" a jury found him not guilt. typical black response. just like the riots expected.

  16. Anonymous

    okay now inform the naacp bout this. this case was made a race issue by black organizations backed by idiots like sharpton, jackson and the naacp..

  17. Anonymous

    it's not going to happen, black America. your days of destruction and violence like you got away with after rodney (high as can be on crack) king are over. there was never a race issue. thug decided to be a thug and lost. Riddle me this jokers, why was martin in that part of the neighborhood to start with? The people have spoken, jury made a decision.

  18. Anonymous

    Christina if you are going to use the "n word" make it right, 'nigger". hell they call each other that across the street addressing one another. If it's so offense then they themselves should not use the so called "n word" or to be front nigger.

  19. Anonymous

    Let me Monkeys kill themselves, they are worthless and cost the country a fortune.

  20. Bambi Bukowski

    Trayvon Martin was a punk thug, a gangsta wannabe. He thought George Zimmerman was a pudgy, middle-aged, easy target – someone he could add to his list of "fight victories". Well, he was right about the first part – and wrong about the last part.

    In any future trials, Trayvon Martin's cell phone messages and photos will come out. The entire world will see what a odious piece of dog excrement he was. George did the world a favor.

  21. Bambi Bukowski

    If the facts are as presented, the shooter will be convicted and spend many years in prison. That won't give the stupid class anything to riot about, so they won't be happy.

  22. Bambi Bukowski

    No, it's what we get for not enforcing discipline, for catering to egos instead of demanding effort. They aren't rioting because they're illiterate. They're rioting because they're stupid, have no moral compass and belong to a culture that celebrates things like ripping open your vagina.

  23. Bambi Bukowski

    Oh please, or please – let them riot like they did in L.A. after the Rodney King trial. I'm a lot better shot than the Korean store keepers, and I've got a LOT more ammo!

  24. Bambi Bukowski

    Mechele Abraham-Avery It was a righteous shoot. Trayvon Martin was a gangsta wannabe. He wanted to beat people up. He just picked someone who was a much "harder target" than he thought. Zimmerman did us ALL a favor by taking out the trash – the same trash that might have attacked you, or someone you care about next. Martin was a thug who got justice.

  25. Anonymous

    John Collins You obviously have never been beaten down and had your head smashed on the sidewalk by a younger and stronger MAN not boy but a bigger MAN . After you shit yourself you would probably shoot to save your life too. It was a bad thing that happened , both MEN were at fault but no murder was committed.

  26. Anonymous

    Susan Carlson How about justice for Zimmerman ? The police who were there saw no reason to arrest a man defending himself from a bigger and stronger MAN who had practiced beating older softer men ,like his bus driver who told him to sit down .. Educuate yourself before you start preaching . Please , this is why riots and all the craziness gets started Just saying!

  27. Anonymous

    What the hell is going on here Haven`t enough black ,white , brown, red , yellow and probably even green people died because we don`t understand each other… PRAY FOR ALL OF US before we destroy everything!!!! PLEASE

  28. Ramera Since

    No. It was made a race issue by the by the media. It wasn't the naacp or the previous civil right activists that originally portrayed this is a racial issue. It was the media. Everyone else got sucked in because of the way things were reported. By the time everyone heard more facts, it was too late

  29. Kennette Reed

    George Zimmerman made this a race issue when he profiled a young man walking through his neighborhood. He decided to follow him because he was Black, wearing a hoodie and Zimmerman felt (based on the color of Martin's skin) this person did not belong in Zimmerman's neighborhood. Let's put the race card in front of the card dealer.

  30. Maryandallmines Ewell

    ur mother bitch and tell her to stop sucking my dads dick yall quick to say some racist shit but yall white ass stay out and the sun for hours trying to get our color

  31. Michael Thomas Connors

    I would follow a suspicious person in hoodie if they where in my neighborhood, not because they are black, yellow, green or blue but because I'm a concearned citizen and there are law breakers about and the police don't respond as well to trivial crimes due to budget cuts so citizens need to take more notice what's going on in their neighborhood be it neighborhood watches, or just keeping ones eyes open.
    Finally if I had followed a person and they turned on me and attacked me as Zimmerman states, I would protect myself at all costs.

  32. Michael Thomas Connors

    what a way to support a person who was allegedly a victim of violence, lets go do more violence thru riots and other stuff.
    just wait for the blame to fall on what people will eventually say was race inequality cause of the makeup of the jury first it will be because most where white women and then after they fail with that argument it will because they where all women, etc.
    people need to wakeup and act mature, if you want to protest go ahead but don't be stupid and violent only makes you look worse and spark the fear of the hoodie nation and race fears.

  33. Cole Young

    Are you aware of the post Zimmerman verdict rampages in L.A. A reporter and her camera man were covering the story and then surrounded by the angry mob. The female reporter was knocked to the ground and her camera man, Ray, was punched in the face and knocked down by two men while a third took away his camera, lifted it over his head and smashed it into the ground. After the attackers moved on, the reporter got up, dusted herself off and then helped Ray to his feet. Ray wiped the blood from his face, felt his arms to see if they were OK, and then said, "Fucking niggers!" The reporter elbowed Ray in his side and said, "Ray…..Paula Deen….Paula Deen."

  34. Billy Holiday

    Also you forgot about all the ilegal immigrants who are perverts use an kidnap kids for sex slaves in mexico renember zimmernman is hispanic he is just as worthless.fuck all foreigners towels heads colardo killer boston killer .and all those coons thats how u say it u cornball your worthless 2

  35. Billy Holiday

    Shoot them dam dumb kids who tore and made 60 fires when kentucky beat penn state some might if been your family cowboy u hate coons 2 and aliens who took your jobs 11 million ilegal immigrants to get it exact dummy

  36. Billy Holiday

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  37. Billy Holiday

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  38. Billy Holiday

    Let just bring you and your good ol boys out to richmond ca and oakland where them coons carry ak and you can get smoked and tell all your country bunkin friends you was in an real california driveby you proably live off in the armpit of your state watch the grass grow snoking on your cornpipe around a bunch of ugly fatt cottege chesse inbreads.killing you mite save your family alot of money.come get those niggers and blow zimmerman for me since you support them down illegals.

  39. Billy Holiday

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  40. Billy Holiday

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  41. Billy Holiday

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