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Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike: 30,000 Refuse Food

Pelican bay prison

More than 30,000 inmates incarcerated in California’s 37 state and private prisons have launched a massive hunger strike to protest the conditions at the Pelican Bay Supermax Prison.

The hunger strike is the third in two years to be carried out by disgruntled inmates who are showing solidarity with their fellow prisoners who are incarcerated in isolation units.

The prisoners are protesting the fact that more serious offenders and gang members are held in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours per day.

The cells these serious offenders are kept in at the Pelican Bay prison are reported to be tiny and like living in a small box.

The secure holding units (SHU’s), which are home to some of the more serious convicted criminals are very basic. The prisoners sleep on a concrete slab and have only a tiny area to sit or wash in.

The hunger striking inmates posted their “demands” on the prisoner hunger strike solidarity site with the following 5 demands:

1. Stop punishing groups for the actions of individuals

2. Stop rewarding those who provide information on others

3. Improve nutrition

4. Institute constructive programs for those in solitary confinement

5. End long-term solitary confinement

Hunger strikes are not considered to be official until prisoners skip nine consecutive meals. This is the reason why state officials have refused to recognize the strike. Spokeswoman, Deborah Hoffman, from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in an email:

“There is a process in place when an inmate misses his ninth consecutive meal — and it is a process — it doesn’t all happen at once, can take days.”

Roughly 2,000 inmates in the Pelican Bay prison also refused to go to jobs and classes saying they were sick.

What do you think of the Pelican Bay Prison hunger strikes? Are the inmates justified in their plight to make conditions better for their fellow prisoners? Or are the secure holding units the right place to hold serious offenders indefinitely? Sound off in the comments feed below




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9 Responses to “Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike: 30,000 Refuse Food”

  1. Anonymous

    I could care less that a couple rapist's and killers are skipping some meals. They just did a better job of saving the tax payers some money than any California state or local government has. I say take it a step further , just stop feeding the pedo's all together. Savings increase compound the savings that way : ).

  2. Amy Pike

    The conditions at Pelican Bay are beyond horrific, and constitute cruel and unusual punishment. The fact that over 30,000 inmates from all racial groups and gang affiliations have banded together speaks volumes as to the seriousness of the situation.

  3. Michelle Medina-garcia

    @home_run_hobbies you need to grow a fucken heart not all inmates are rapist and murders.until you know someone in prison your views will change .yiu need some compassion in your life I feel sorry for you

  4. Richard Medina

    praying you all get through this with all your senses intact and hoping you don't take it to far, your love ones are home waiting for your return.

  5. Beckz Gomez

    Your ignorant and compassionless both of you. I feel sorry for you. To think that everyone in there are rapists n killers is so typical of a simpleminded ignorant individual. And to say like jesus would do is even worse. Noone can judge or endure punishment on others but god.

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