Justin Bieber Revels The Key Fragrance Video

Justin Bieber Teases Behind The Scenes ‘The Key’ Fragrance Video

Justin Bieber has released a teaser video for his new fragrance The Key.

“In case you were wondering… #thisiskey,” the teen star tweeted on Monday to announce it.

It’s a brief tease, all of 20 seconds, but strongly suggests a sensuous shoot to come.

Shot in April in Copenhagen, the surround — a row of keys on a table, rumpled sheets, a bellhop uniform, neutral furniture, and a stuffed owl (why?) — points to a swanky hotel scene.

Bieber is seen pouting next to a brunette female who wears a black cocktail dress, while he dons a white vest and smart, black jacket.

It’s a long way from the Peter Pan sky kisses of 2011’s Someday and sweetheart date of last year’s Girlfriend, and the teaser is in line with a more “mature” campaign for the singer’s third fragrance.

Considering those who want The Key can already buy it at Macy’s, it seems odd we’re only at the teaser stage but perhaps more merchandising is planned for the scent’s big release.

Announced last month, the official description of the Justin Bieber The Key Eau de Parfum reads:

Justin Bieber Revels The Key Fragrance Video