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Al Sharpton, Allen West Nearly Agree On Zimmerman Trial

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In Florida, George Zimmerman’s trial has divided the country, and the rallies in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s killing often invoked the name (if not presence) of Al Sharpton, a longtime civil rights leader.

Both before his arrest and as Zimmerman’s trial wears on in Sanford, both Al Sharpton and conservative leader Col. Allen West have made observations and statements about proceedings — including one by the former last week about the deadly incident between Zimmerman and Martin.

Al Sharpton was in the news last week after he observed that Zimmerman (in fitter form the night of the killing) was a trained MMA fighter, and asked why the defendant would require a gun to come after the smaller, younger male.

Col. Allen West broke with conservative ranks before the Zimmerman trial to opine that the case was not your standard “self defense” gun rights conflict, saying last year:

“… if all that has been reported is accurate, the Sanford Police Chief should be relieved of his duties due to what appears to be a mishandling of this shooting in its early stages. The US Navy SEALS identified Osama Bin Laden within hours, while this young man laid on a morgue slab for three days. The shooter, Mr Zimmerman, should have been held in custody and certainly should not be walking free, still having a concealed weapons carry permit.”

Allen West added:

“From my reading, it seems this young man was pursued and there was no probable cause to engage him, certainly not pursue and shoot him….against the direction of the 911 responder. Let’s all be appalled at this instance not because of race, but because a young American man has lost his life, seemingly, for no reason. I have signed a letter supporting a DOJ investigation. I am not heading to Sanford to shout and scream, because we need the responsible entities and agencies to handle this situation from this point without media bias or undue political influences. This is an outrage.”

Last week, Al Sharpton spoke again about the killing of Trayvon Martin, saying after the defense argued that Martin had “attacked” George Zimmerman:

If he was raining blows, MMA-style, you think there would be some physical evidence of that on his fists. Second, it was testified that Zimmerman had MMA training. If Zimmerman had MMA training and there was an MMA attack going on, why didn’t he use his MMA training to defend himself?

Al Sharpton’s coverage of the Zimmerman trial has been a frequent topic on his MSNBC show in recent months. Are you surprised that Sharpton and West seem to agree on the basics of the Trayvon Martin case?

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4 Responses to “Al Sharpton, Allen West Nearly Agree On Zimmerman Trial”

  1. Anonymous

    I like Col Allen West & respect him. BUT…
    He did NOT listen to the testimony of ALLEN Pollock, Zimmermans gym trainer, who said Zimmerman was "soft"… Zimmerman had NO muscle tone & that Zimmerman was fat!

    So, my question is: WHAT MMA TRAINING?

    Fact is… Zimmerman was very VERY fortunate to be carrying a gun b/c as he was crying out for help & at-the-same-time-fearing for his life as his brains were being scrambled inside his skull against the concrete… the real life fact that he could die or suffer brain trauma was crossing his mind; HE PULLED HIS GUN & FIRED!
    I would have done the same thing!
    I could care less what the skin color was of the assailant trying to murder or hurt me.

  2. Joseph Crouch

    ok was wondering on al Sharpton and jesse Jackson or naacp and the aclu how do they feel on what these black panthers are doing about putting a bounty on Zimmerman do they condon this? or are they against it?

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