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Jason Kidd Gets First Technical Foul During Summer Leage Game

Jason Kidd has only been a head coach for one game but he already has a technical foul.

The former NBA player and current coach of the Brooklyn Nets received his first technical foul as a coach this weekend during a Summer League game. Yep, Kidd got a technical foul during a relaxed practice game.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Kidd was trying to have his team foul Andre Drummond with about 2:33 left in the game. The refs didn’t see the foul and Lousiville guard Peyton Siva was able to get to the basket.

Kidd wasn’t particularly upset about the call. He didn’t scream or yell. But he did walk out of the coach’s box and past half court to argue with the ref. This drew an automatic technical and showed Kidd that he still has a few things to learn about being a coach.

Kidd said: “We were trying to foul a player and the referee missed it and it led to free throws … So I tried to express to the referees that they missed what we were trying to do. It happens. They are not perfect, we are not perfect. So it’s a lesson learned that I know I can’t go past half-court.”

According to News Day, Kidd received 26 technical fouls during 19 seasons in the NBA. This is his first as a coach and his first in a Summer League game.

Here’s a video of Jason Kidd getting a technical foul during a Summer League game.

Do you think Jason Kidd is going to be an effective NBA coach?