Outdoor Music Festivals

Summer Music Festivals Combine Fun and Danger [Video]

Music festivals are becoming increasingly popular, closing the gap between the “peace and love” Woodstock generation and the new up and coming music scene. Yet there have been many instances, of late, where tragedy has struck when people get together for an outdoor music festival.

Outdoor music festivals are a great way to get to see some of your favorite bands, while exploring the event’s newest talent.  Music festivals exist for every style of music that you can possibly dream of and opportunities arrise to later download many new styles of music to your personal media player. Festivals combine days of music, mud, the elements, over crowding, body odor, beer and drugs With those ingredients what could possibly go wrong?

There have been tragedies that have occurred at almost every music festival in the last thirty years, ranging from simple cases of sunburn and broken bones to deaths. Last month, at the German music festival “Lovesparade”, over a dozen techno lovers were killed when they ended up crushed inside in a tunnel by a flood of people rushing to get through. Even though police were doing everything they could to keep the already over crowded festival grounds under control, the night ended up with emergency medical personnel carrying away the less fortunate attendees. None of this seemed to put a damper on any of the festivities, as people were still trying to climb over fences to continue the party.

The idea of getting trampled on is not the only reason for concern at these festivals. Although music festivals are an amazing experience on their own, people like to mix the vibe with drugs and alcohol to enhance the sensory overload around them . Molly, ecstasy in its purest form, is becoming a very popular guest to bring along to a show. Close to 50 people overdosed on alcohol and ecstasy at the Paradiso Music Festival held at the George Amphitheater. One of those unlucky 50 actually died at the event.

While getting lost in the music, event goers are forgetting that their bodies need more than alcohol and drugs to properly function in the sometimes extreme weather conditions that these music festivals bring with them. Many long days without sleep in the blistering sun or torrential downpours could be enough to put people at a health risk without the added stress.

Watch the video below for a guide to surviving an outdoor music festival.

How to Survive an Outdoor Music Festival