Robert Griffin III Rap Video

Robert Griffin III Gets Married, Releases Weird Rap Video With Wife

Robert Griffin III (RG3) was married to Rebecca Liddicoat over the weekend, and, on Sunday night, the happy couple celebrated by releasing a really weird rap video.

The couple rap about candy, nothing really novel there (50 Cents Candy Shop – different kind of candy), but their video is definitely strange.

The RG3 rap video focuses on “pop rocks and tootsie pops.”

In the video first posted on his Facebook page, Robert Griffin III tells his fans to “[c]heck out the first official video release of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III.”

The YouTube video shows a March 16, 2013 release date.

We’re not sure how this masterpiece of rap got by us, but more than 13,000 people have viewed the post.

So what do Robert Griffin III fans think of the YouTube rap video? Reactions have been mixed, but here are a few comments left by viewers:

“This is too corny. However it is good to see a athlete rapping about something other than women, cars, money, jewelry. Good job RG3 and wifey. You made me laugh.”

“What the hell!?! RG3? Just married now looking like a hilarious pimp! WTF…”

And one more comment:

“Love it! Candy Shop Producers is where it’s at!!”

Okay, so maybe Robert Griffin III won’t be standing on the BET Awards stage to claim the top rap video of the year award. On the other hand, I have to agree with the first comment posted. It really is nice to see a professional athlete rapping about something silly and not something boring and stereotypical.

What do you think of the Robert Griffin III rap video?