School adds basic life skills lessons to curriculum

Top Private School Adds Lessons In Sewing And Ironing To Curriculum

One of England’s top private schools has added sewing and ironing, along with lessons in washing clothes, cooking, and cleaning to its curriculum, feeling many children are growing up with a lack of basic life skills.

Wrekin College is a co-educational independent school located in Wellington, Shropshire, England, founded in 1880. Students there will be taught about domestic duties as part of a new life skills curriculum.

The courses added to the top private institutes’s curriculum were inspired after a survey of 100 head teachers revealed that 79 were concerned about how their pupils would settle in when they arrive at university, and 75 said that they felt schools were doing too little to prepare children for living away from home.

According to the college’s website, “The Life skills program at Wrekin College helps to equip our pupils with skills to support them during their Sixth Form education and beyond. It is about preparing young people for the next stage of their lives, and making the transition to university and ultimately the workplace, a smooth and happy one.”

The program will incorporate a variety of practical skills including self-defense, housekeeping, cookery, and basic car maintenance alongside guidance about study stills and emotional well-being, reports the Telegraph.

Specific domestic lessons will cover how to prepare nutritious meals on a budget, how to manage money effectively, basic sewing and repairs, how to launder and iron garments, and even providing an opportunity to practice driving.

Sixth-formers, 16 to 18 year olds, will be expected to complete the aforementioned skill-sets alongside their A-levels in an effort to fully prepare them for independent living.

Do you feel more and more children lack basic life skills? Should more schools, aside from top private ones, focus on the fundamentals of general life skills – balancing a checkbook, making a budget, understanding interest rates?

Do you think your teenager could survive in college or living away from home without access to fast-food and delivery pizza (cook for themselves) if they had to?

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