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Russian Troops In America Rumor Is False, No FEMA Disaster Planned

Russian Troops In America Rumor Is False, No FEMA Disaster Planned

Russian troops are not training on American soil, despite what one popular claim on Twitter and Facebook states.

A rumor has spread that the United States and Russia entered an agreement that would sent thousands of Russian troops for a planned “disaster.”

The original report claimed that the Kremlin’s Emergencies Ministry confirmed talks between Russia and the United States, and that 15,000 Russian troops would be sent to America for an unspecified “upcoming” disaster in FEMA Region III, which includes Washington, DC.

The Russian troops were said to be trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions.”

The report said that US Department of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano sent a request to Minister Vladimir Puchkov for Russian troops to work “directly and jointly” with FEMA.

A Facebook post and emails circulating the information about Russian troops in America painted the situation in dire terms.

“Make sure you have plan to keep your family safe,” it read. “This sounds like a bad movie. This should scare the crap out of you. Obama and the left are bringing America to it’s knees. According to the terms of a deal signed in Washington last week, Russian soldiers will soon be allowed to patrol American soil, “to provide security at mass events.’ ”

Of course, as urban legend debunker Snopes has pointed out, the reason it sounds like a bad movie is because it is indeed a work of fiction. There was an actual agreement between FEMA and the Russian Emergency Ministry signed in June, but it called for the countries to share the expertise of first responders only.

A FEMA spokesperson confirmed that there would be no exchange of military or security personnel, and no Russian troops training on American soil.

The false rumor was spread by some of the typical sources of conspiracy theories, including Alex Jones’ Infowars website, but no reports were able to offer actual proof of Russian troops training in the United States.

The Russian troops in America report followed a popular theme of urban legends linking President Barack Obama to some kind of nefarious use of FEMA. In past email circulations it was said Obama was setting up FEMA prison camps in preparation for a declaration of martial law.


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32 Responses to “Russian Troops In America Rumor Is False, No FEMA Disaster Planned”

  1. Ramon Louie Ramirez

    Folks the real story here is that with Obama in office even such an outrageous story doesn't seem out of the total realm of possiblity..

  2. Conspiracy Examiner

    Sorry, but anyone using Snopes, a website run by an older couple from their laptops in their living room, as the reason to believe something is true or not, is obviously not worthy of trust themselves! Let me guess… Because snopes still maintains 9/11 was solely perped by 19 Muslims with box-cutters, led by a man in a cave from 10,000 miles away, means that must be true as well, right? LOL

  3. Chris Evans

    "Russian troops are not training on American soil, despite what one popular claim on Twitter and Facebook states."

    Well sorry to say, they have been for years/ Most people just do not know.

    So what about this article…shotty journalism? I think not. Working for the governemnt propaganda machine? I think so.

    So what about these articles below?

    So I am confused….are these photos photoshopped, and the videos are all actors and equipment on a staged hollywood set? Everyone needs to stop being naive. I love how this refers to snopes. I have read so much on there that is not true, and will never go back to that website as a reference ever again….Everyone has the right to be a sucker, or a bootlicker, that is your constitutional right!

  4. Chris Evans

    "In past email circulations it was said Obama was setting up FEMA prison camps in preparation for a declaration of martial law."

    Camp FEMA Full Documentary.

    Conspiracy Theiry episode, where they go to a camp, and fiulm children on swings and playing behind the prison walls.

    100's of thousands of coffin liners, that can be used as coffins that hold up to a family of five a piece, near the Centers for Disease Control in Georgia.

    Photoshop and Hollywood sets, and a fake Capital , and a fake interview with Representative Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania? You be the judge. All I have to say is I cannot believe a website can publish an article like this, and not even look into anything when I put all this together in a matter of 15 minutes or so. Again, because they are being told what to say by the POWERS THAT BE! Whistleblowers and journalists are being murdered and called treasonous for exposing the truth!

    How much more in your face can it get?

    Alex Jones interview with Staff Seargant Joe Biggs, friend of DEAD JOURNALIST MICHAEL HASTINGS.

  5. T Ozzy Czernik


  6. T Ozzy Czernik

    "WE" have become the EVIL EMPIRE! "NOT" you & I but the illegal bankers CONTROLLING nations throughout the planet, now they will DESTROY our once LOOKED UPON as a GREAT NATION OF LIBERTY & FREEDOM! WE "MUST" UNITE! ONLY IN NUMBERS are we STRONG! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, only by DIVIDE & CONQUER can they win!

  7. Muddy Kirshman

    Then how do you explain the video of Obama with Putin saying "We have agreed to station Russian troops in FEMA district 3 for the upcoming disaster" which is highly illusive and peculiar per se. Also remember that FEMA camps are meant for "disasters" Cough (rebellion) cough in which, the NSA keeps track of dissenters. But remember, the barbed wire is facing inwards, there are gaurd towers in the CENTER of the camps and there are thousands of coffins outside of everyone. It's never to late to wake up. Do your own research; none of this is as radical as it seems.

  8. Muddy Kirshman

    People need to wake up and simply realize that every president since 1913 has been a Federal Puppet with the exeption of JFK who dissented and got asassinated; when the Federal Reserve Act was passed enabling the Central bank to usurp our nation and print money out of nothing causing the great depression and ongoing mass monetary slavery. Don't forget that they pay for our education and media to misinform us, poison our food and water and spread nothing but pure vice. And that's not even the beginning of there bankster tyranny.

  9. Muddy Kirshman

    it's so brazen and obvious that it seems like that they simply just don't care because they probably assume that we're all so stupid and will give consent. It might even be true given the fact that some people still watch fox news.

  10. Sum Gai

    The only real hoax about this is this whole article. Have you not seen the video of him saying that he was going to deploy russian troops for the upcoming disaster? Who the fuck wrote this.

  11. John Mealer

    There are Russian troops training in American in 2012 of august I tlak to russian soldiers in the black hills of south dakota working in a Restaurant & Bar during the sturgis motorcycle rally. One of the soldiers said there was about 12000' of them training with the U.N. and FEAM I would say that's proof that Russian troops are training in American.

  12. John Mealer

    There are Russian troops training in American in 2012 of august I tlak to russian soldiers in the black hills of south dakota working in a Restaurant & Bar during the sturgis motorcycle rally. One of the soldiers said there was about 12000' of them training with the U.N. and FEAM I would say that's proof that Russian troops are training in American.

  13. Wise Distinguished

    Snopes is not credible….You cannot trust Snopes to go against the liberal progressive agenda even if it means flat out lying.

  14. Sol Marie River

    And you actually believe EVERYTHING that is said on the internet and on the media? Do you believe that there are people that are SO BORED that they waste their time making false news and false statements? It's not that difficult you know…

  15. Skip de Lyon

    Jeffrey, there may be some questions about 9/11 that still haven't been answered. I still think Bush is easily the worst president we've ever had. But if Osama bin Laden didn't orchestrate the terrorist attacks, why did he brag about them afterwards? Your theory doesn't hold water.

  16. Roddy Jones

    We have the strongest militaries in the world. Why would America need help to take care of those right wing, tea party, ted cruz lovin Americans that would even have this crazy idea of attacking D.C. Give me a break. Btw…Tom Cruise died in a boating accident. Look that up. Haha

  17. Kimberly King

    your an idiot to think bush was the worst president b/c by all means Obama the petulant idiot is the worst president wanna be ever

  18. John M. Quiggins

    Skip de Lyon actually, Osama did not brag about it afterwards. He denied any connection, but praised those with the courage to attack. . It wasn't until much later (well after FOX news reported his death in December of 2001 both on television and on their news website) (there's a link to the actual Fox website as well. It is authentic.) Believe in FOX or not, the fact has not been disputed leaves a million questions. Even benazir Bhutto stated Bin Laden died in 2001 (just before she was murdered) I t was much later that a supposed Bin Laden was reported to take credit for it. Even a former CIA agent states that Al Qaeda was a made up organization to be used by the CIA to set up crimes against humanity. Even the BBC says that the Bin Laden death is 2011 was a total fake : . Believe as you will. And, you will. But, there are too many holes in this story of CIA asset Osama Bin Laden was exactly who he is painted to be by our government. I don't believe he was a good man. I do not side with terrorism. But, if you actually viewed the info above (good sources, not conspiracy theorists) then you have to admit, the argument that doesn't hold water … just may be yours…

  19. Tea Hardtoplease

    weather thats coming or not your idiots if you dont see the coming callimities, obamas going to kill the dlollar go check drunkinlove jazy gave all his shit, lol, youll keep telling selfs its ok, the demonic outbreaks the rivers turning read and the worst worlds weather ever recorded in august of 204 is normal. oh yeah so are 36 active valcoanoes lol thats normal "those scientiest have phds and tthere on the tv the could be lying to me." honestly your are thick you belive are media does whats its supoose to, there suppose to be a stop check and first line of defense ensuring govtment is abiding by its people lol youall so libearl or shuld i save left when demoracte because libearl as word no longer exist yall cant even open your minds enough look at facts to something you dont want to belive. I.S.I.S. is occupying the area witch was babyolon, Bytw Isis just happens to mother of RAW eygpt sun god witch was honestly whore of baboylon, Diana etc langue broke same 3 people the god of the sn raw, etc is the bearer of light, figure it out. Whatever u think our magnactic poles r shifting hope you like being eating by human beings, you know thre ransdom canablistic occurnces that cdc will confirm and is blamed on substance at least in the states hahah, go check out what happend to the first asutranets in the space race of the 60s and what happend when no magnetic poles were duplicated, no frontal llobe hope you like eating each other and being devoured by animals yall know everything though so u have some way of keeping you concious identity with out the function of that part brain. so higher power right kabela or yoga hahaha, kbela learned from 2nd dynsty of egypt that found infformation from moo, or babyolon same thing. baphomet to save u right ur deity of balnace in that relgion, also name for muhomand amongst the muslsim who hate you cause ur american and weather or not u r christian or jew they already consdier you are hahahahahahahahaha, hope your liberal (cominY) pertecncious attitues save you when ur geting crucifed and behaded like I.S.I.S is doing to all infedail in the area that encomposs babyolon.
    if you dont belive this goverment is usher in whats coming go look up Cathy Obrien, and try to denie the fact that theres been governerors and centors arrested on what shes brang to light, FACT i can almost say with certainty the developer and producer of this site is privy to whats about to happen honestly if not persons a nephlam and is unawre of it.
    simply its going to be gruesome, dollars already fallen with been in WW# since we got caught selling Seria its Bio weapons the whole world knows it , in america good look find one puplication or media hub that wont lie to you, russias got pissed cia usaly tattics suplier dicator, bitch about the horriendiousness of the dicator using those amrican provided weapons enought to attactk and look like a lliberator not a arcutiect of madness,
    PUtan made mandate that only patheic portion of wage can spent by its citizens on american anything , china the same the global reserve about to fall, once it does all defaste spending becomes due imedate all exports inports stop america survices on this alone terrifs
    we still feeed one third of the world in differnt agicultrral product WA spokane 3rd of the worlds wheat, Iwoa mid west 3rd of the corn idho 3rd of the patetoes, it goes on you think because go in depresoion the worlds just going to let keep that , no there not you and I (Hopefuly not me cause i know whats coming im a nobody but u can peice togher if your r not superior american clone contendted precontined idiot soon to be beast of burden worked until u drop dead worse the the last haulcauset what do u think feema camps r for? and why iis there a depot for fema camp coffins ranging in the biillions of silver cofins, a depot of silver coffins that will keep up with demand as is cant keep up with the amount of are deaths.
    At least the got coffins fors us , last time it was just train cars and huge holes for the jewish, i guess u can say ur goverment cares a litle the ensure bio helath of them selfs and you were taxpayers you given a coffin with your new residence u and every other member of ur family and no gas chambers just death from exhaustion that wont be able to feed u uknow debts come first, so go get healthy now with obmaha care that want there genciode vicitims to last long and do there party paying for a debt that they owe. the have the money but you know, Money or just millions of human bodies expicaily those rowdy americans with there portecting of jewish nation, and unwiling ness to bow to dicators well were unwilling not just selfrighitous idiots breathing in there farts cause "I drive a hybrid, "

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