sex declines in relationships for many reasons

Relationships Lose Sexual Spark After First Year

Research has confirmed that first 12 month period really is a honeymoon stage in most relationships, as the passionate sexual spark seems to decline significantly for most couples thereafter – going from every day to a once or twice a month occurrence.

Sex naturally declines for many reasons. Chronic stress, fear, and anxiety; physical ailments and disabilities; hormonal fluctuations, aging, drug/alcohol abuse, depression, relationship conflicts, psychological hindrances such as low self-esteem or a negative self-perception, and children can impact the heat between the sheets and adversely influence a libido.

Even though it can happen to anyone, it’s a little hard on the ego to rate an everyday love life as “okay” or “could be better.” But that is how nearly half of the respondents swayed when asked during a Lloyds-pharmacy Online Doctor survey, according to the Daily Mail.

The study sampled 2,000 UK people in relationships.

Nearly 40 percent of the couples who had been together in a sexual relationship for at least four years stated they engaged in sex a few times a month, while over 50 percent indicated their sexual spark kept them relatively amorous every other day.

Contrastingly, 15 percent of those together for at least 15-years experienced a noteworthy decline in their sexual spark, going from a few times a month to a few times per year.

Overall, 76 percent did admit they could try harder to spice things up in the bedroom, reports Express. Twenty-four percent felt dressing up or integrating porn would help, while 17 percent of participants found their level of effort stopped at turning off the lights.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) was addressed, as nearly half the women said they’d appreciate it if their partner took medication to enhance their sex life. Only 18 percent of men considered the suggestion.

ED can be the result of both physical and psychological issues.

“The underlying causes of that missing spark could be symptomatic of a very treatable condition so getting checked out could be worth more than just improving your performance,” according to Dr. Tom Brett, who spoke on behalf of the online research.

Did your relationship lose its sexual spark after the first year?

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