Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Probably Spent July 4 Together And There's Video

Justin Bieber Spent July 4 With Selena Gomez And Friends, Probably [Video]




Justin Bieber’s friend and videographer Alfredo Flores has set off a new round of speculation that Selena Gomez and the “Boyfriend” singer have been spending time together, after posting a July 4 video that clearly showed the actress in it.

Flores’ Instagram video also showed him lighting fireworks in a night scene somewhere.

Toward the end of the 13 second clip, it cut to a clear shot of the Spring Breakers actress smiling and holding a sparkler.

The video caption read: “blow it up blow it up! Happy Independence Day!”

After numerous media reports that Gomez’s friend Taylor Swift is hellbent on a mission to keep the Latina away from Bieber, and trying to set her up with basically anyone who supports her on tour (the roadies were next on the list) —- Flores’ video is something of a “Whoops!”

Probable indications that Flores spent July 4 with Bieber are provided by his Twitter and Instagram accounts. One such Instagram shows a poolside image which appears to be at the Canadian’s house in Calabasas, Calif., and is simply captioned: “July 4.”

Similarly, a convergence of tweets and Instagrams posted by Justin’s friends, including rapper Lil Twist, Brandon Green (also known as Maejor Ali), Jas Prince who names people at the party and also snapped a photograph, singer-songwriter-fashion-designer Christina Milan, rapper Lil Za and Flores, are time-stamped as being sent at around the same time or within just a few hours of each other.






But, the strongest clue is the simplest.

Lil Twist posted a tweet and Instagram of himself partying next to Gomez, or someone who looks remarkably like her. He even noted the time as 02:11 am, July 5.







Bieber himself posted a short tweet on July 4 which read: “Great night,” that was duly retweeted by Flores.

Gomez tweeted an image of herself with a group of girls that may or may not have been snapped earlier on Independence day.

Flores’ video comes after previous reports that Bieber and Gomez were spotted out together at the ArcLight Theater for a late-night movie screening in Sherman Oaks, CA on Thursday, June 27.

So there you have it.

An abundance of highly probables and an awful lot of social media evidence that suggests Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez remain good friends and spent July 4 together.

Whether they are anything more than that isn’t known.

As Kylie Jenner recently observed after multiple entertainment outlets jumped the shark claiming she was dating Lil Twist based on pictures of them at a frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles on July 3: