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Anderson Silva An Underdog? Pros Pick Chris Weidman To Win UFC 162

Anderson Silva may be the greatest MMA fighter of all time but that doesn’t mean that he’s the clear favorite to win UFC 162. Several professional fighters are picking against Silva in favor of his opponent Chris Weidman.

Chael Sonnen said: “I think Anderson is an excellent fighter, an awesome fighter, but he’s just not winning this fight.”

The reigning 185-champ will step into the ring against Weidman on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. UFC 162: Silva Vs. Weidman will pit two undefeated UFC fighters against one another.

Anderson Silva has won 18 fights in the UFC and will be defending his middleweight title for the 11th time this weekend. Chris Weidman’s win streak isn’t as impressive, but the 29-year-old fighter has gone 9 fights without a loss.

So who wins UFC 62? Sonnen says that Wiedman will be able to take down Silva with ease and he’ll be able to use his wrestling skills to make Silva submit within the first three rounds.

Sonnen said: “I think Weidman takes Anderson down at will, I think he blows past Anderson’s guard, and I think he finishes him. Taking Anderson down isn’t a hard thing to do. Chris will get to Anderson’s head, hurt him with ground-and-pound, and submit Anderson within three rounds with a D’arce choke or similar … The seven-year reign is over. That’s genuinely what I feel.”

And Sonnen isn’t the only fighter picking against Silva. Meisha Tate said that Wiedman will be successful the same way that Sonnen was. The big difference is that Wiedman will be able to make Silva submit.

Tate said: “Chael Sonnen almost beat Anderson based on being a wrestler. And Weidman is a more dynamic wrestler than Sonnen—and Weidman doesn’t get caught in submissions. Weidman’s wrestling definitely gives him a chance.”

Silva has had trouble with wrestling-style fighters in the past but he’s nearly always been able to escape with a victory. Still, Weidman’s style of fighting has many people picking against the reigning champ.

Georges St-Pierre said” “I think Anderson Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but Weidman is the absolute worst possible matchup for him. It’ll definitely be interesting and I’m excited to see what happens on the night.”

There are some fighters that support Silva but even those voices are clouded in doubt. Frank Mir said that he wouldn’t pick against Silva because, well, he’s Anderson Silva, but said that Wiedman could shock a lot of people.

Mir said: “I can’t predict against Anderson Silva. The guy has done nothing but win and win convincingly … But I think Weidman is actually a very dangerous prospect for him … And not that I’m betting on Chris, but it’s pretty equal.”

Even Dana White seems to be planning for a Silva loss. White said this week that if Silva does lose to Wiedman at UFC 162 there will be an immediate rematch.

White said: “I’d do the rematch the next fight. Guy hasn’t lost in the UFC ever, has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he’s the guy for a rematch if he wants it.”

Who do you think will win UFC 162? Is Anderson Silva the underdog? Will Chris Weidman defeat the reigning champ?