Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka Wants To Retire In England

Striker Nicolas Anelka has signed a one-year deal with Web Brom, and, when he’s finished with the club, he wants to retire in England.

The one year deal marks the sixth Premiere League club for Anelka.

On Friday, the 34-year-old striker said: “I think I’ll finish in England, I’m happy here. I also hope it will be with this club.”

During his career, Nicolas Anekla has played for the following clubs: Arsenal (1997-99): Played 74, Goals 28, Liverpool (2001-02): P15, G5, Man City (2002-05): P101, G46, Bolton (2006-08): P58, G23, Chelsea (2008-12): P146, G59.

During his impressive career, Nicolas Anelka has won various accolades including the Premier League’s top scorer Golden Boot in 2008-09.

Speaking about his move to Web Brom, Anelka revealed:.

“That’s why I’m here. When I spoke with the head coach, he said he wants to do better than last year. We will try our best to do that.

Anelka and West Brom manager Steve Clarke worked together at Chelsea, a fact that led the striker to make his decision to join the club. Speaking about his history with Clarke, the striker revealed:

“He knows how to use me on the pitch, which is important later on in your career. I know he likes to play football and that’s why I signed here. He knows me and I know him. I also have friends in the changing room.”

Nicolas Anelka left Stamford Bridge in 2012 and then played 22 games with Shanghai Shenhua where he scored three goals.

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