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‘Siberia’ TV Show Fake Reality Plays With Viewers’ Heads

Siberia TV show

UPDATE: The original Siberia TV show trailer has been removed by NBC for reasons unknown. I have replaced it with a new official clip from NBC. Enjoy.


Siberia, the TV show widely described as Lost meets Survivor, premiered on NBC on Monday night. If you didn’t see it, you can check out the trailer to get a quick feel for it.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Sixteen reality TV show contestants are dropped into Siberia in the area of the 1908 Tunguska meteor event to fight it out for amazing cash prizes. As TV Guide always says, hilarity ensues. Weirdness happens, people start to get killed, and the TV production crew vanishes.

So, in essence, Siberia is a fake reality TV show.

So what’s the viewer reaction?

Apparently the Russians are miffed that Siberia was filmed in Canada, instead of the real Siberia.

“Welcome to Tunguska, Manitoba,” an unnamed Siberian Times reporter sniffed. “US viewers are conned into believing the action is in Siberia, which is after all the name of the show. In reality, this faux reality show was filmed on the other side of the world, in a Canadian prairie province.”

Get out of here. Next you’ll be telling be that the The X-Files wasn’t really filmed at the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.

So how about some reaction from viewers who can figure out that a show about reality TV isn’t itself obligated to be realistic?

Here’s some random thoughts from Twitter that seem to sum it up pretty well:





What did you think of the premiere of the new Siberia TV show? You can watch the first full episode here.

[Siberia cast photo by NBC]

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40 Responses to “‘Siberia’ TV Show Fake Reality Plays With Viewers’ Heads”

  1. Cheryl Kay Thormahlen


  2. Mark Angstman

    They had me until Tommy 'died.' What a bunch of hooey!

  3. Bill Taunton

    I liked it, took me a while to really figure out that its not REALLY a reality show. when tommy died I fiqured it.. I think its going to be enjoyable anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    If you can't make it happen in reality TV, then make it up in made-up reality TV. Soon the day will come when "virtual" won't be the voyeur-fix for this society anymore!

  5. Black Z Eddie

    At first, I thought it was for real, until:
    1) they acted way to overly scared when they were around the campfire and heard some animal. I started to get a little suspicious.
    2) one of the camera-crew was attacked. That's when I thought this has to be fake.
    3) when Tommy died. This is when I removed from my DVR schedule for complete stupidity.

  6. Terence Jenkins

    It's as "real" as The Office was, shot in the same 'reality TV' style but obviously scripted. It's a scripted TV show. What part about that don't you understand? That in and of itself is not a negative, it's simply a property of the scripted TV show that it is shot like it's a reality show, please get over yourself.

  7. Cheryl Silvestri

    I don't have to watch it to know its going to be ridiculously stupid. Not only is there already bad reality TV on, but now they broadcast FAKE reality TV?

  8. Melonie Smith

    This show is painful to watch. So awkwardly scripted and does not at all appear "real." Bad acting….over acting….just plain bad!

  9. Jacob Ducoli

    I was confused at first because I thought it contained REAL contestants, but the scenarios such as Tommy's death and the cameraman attack were obviously fake. I thought it was like Whodunnit, where the deaths are fake, and the contestants play along when they die, but it was all in good fun of trying to scare the "contestants".
    It was hazy for me because it did actually seem like a real reality tv show with the way it's filmed and the confessionals, it's a very cool show and I can't wait to see more!

  10. Shari Duke

    If there was something better to watch on Monday I would. I'm not hanging my hat on this show. Yes it does remind me of Blair Witch Project which was useless entertainment.

  11. Russell Best

    I thought of it as Survivor meets Blair Witch. Something about the geography didn't spell Siberia either…plant life appears more temporal than the true Tunguska region as well.

  12. Anonymous

    Too bad the busty young lady was the first to leave after a bad mushroom trip.

  13. Linda Best Coviello

    watched first episode and the tape loop in my head was saying "I hate it, it sucks, makes no sense". Turned it off and watched a PBS show instead. Really, one of the worse shows I've ever seen. Quality of filming is as bad as the premise and acting.

  14. Stankonia Roberts

    I watched a half an episode for the first time this weekend…stumbled upon the show just as the girl had a bad trip from some 'shrooms. That the contestants debated and the camera crew didn't do anything about her medical condition was all the proof I needed to know that this was all fictitious. Also, later in the episode, they referenced some other contestant dying. I don't mind the fake premise, but really….even 'real' reality shows would have stopped production (or halted it) if a death and a drug trip happened. That's just too far out of scope.

  15. John Taylor

    You can see on his facebook page a picture he posted two days ago.

  16. Doris Kline

    I liked it, don't know why it intrigue's me, maybe you just don't have to think to much :)

  17. Matthew Collins

    This show is full of so many stereotypes. It is the answer to: What if Survivor and Lost had a bastard child and it was abandoned after birth? It's hard to tell if the writing is simply that poor, or if the actors just can't deliver a performance. Consider this a waste of a programming slot and another reason why drug testing should be mandatory for TV executives.

  18. Dylan J. Tate

    Terence Jenkins But they didn't make that obvious until later. I agree with Black Z Eddie.

  19. Michael Swix

    This show absolutely astounded me, I loved the acting, it was great premise and made me feel like it would be cool. And then they started saying these "super natural" things started happening, I decided to keep watching in the second episode, it was interesting, it would be an amazing show. If they didn't have the alien side story thing.
    Me and my mother have began calling it "Siberia: Awesome premise, horrible execution".

  20. Tonya Swix

    I was so excited about the show, people dropped off in "Siberia" with shelter and no rules. How would it play out? Who would take charge? How would these people survive? I said to Michael that would be AWESOME to participate in. Then the silly stuff started to happen and I was SO bummed. :(

  21. Cassandra Groce

    Really? I watched 5 minutes of this show because it came on after Bear Grylls: Get Out Alive, could tell it wasn't real, and turned the channel.

  22. Elizabeth Wilson

    Sorry I'm all over your posts tonight… We watch naked and afraid. It seems pretty real, for reality tv!

  23. Tara Cherie' Mcadams-West

    I keep saying I am not going to watch, but come back each week to see what happens.

  24. Alex Reyes

    I think they should throw those ppl in Siberia and see how real they can be there! Die the first day lol terrible TV show -_-

  25. Jack Hughes

    Interesting show — much better than Under the Dome which it's up against in the same time slot. Very good acting.

    Apparently, TV audiences are too dim to understand that it's a scripted drama about a reality show gone haywire.

  26. Kathleen Duffy-Conway

    It's ridiculous. The sad thing is I think some people think this is for real! Oh ya and hiking the tundra in a jeans jacket?? Pleeeeeeese!

  27. Henry Stroble

    i have to say,the show had me n the famly waiting for the next time to be on.then the ending.well,i had to look up on the was a fake reality game the song by the who,i wont be fooled again.ill never watch another episode if there a season what if there is a season 2?who really cares,it was FAKE,A LIE.its sad a tv station has to make you believe that this is real so there tv station gets sickened me to find this out.i didn't want to believe what I was seeing here on the internet.irene actor,ester actor.all,actors,so who cares about this stupid show.sorry it wasn't real,i was really into it.hopes it never comes back on.

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