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Police Shoot Dog Four Times, Was It Self-Defense? [Video]

police shoot dog

Graphic and disturbing footage of police shooting a dog has been making it’s way virally around the internet.

The dog’s owner — Leon Rosby of Hawthorne, California — took the video as he approached the Hawthorne SWAT team. The team were involved in a barricade situation on 137th Street and Jefferson.

At the same time, another man was recording with his own camera and is heard saying that Rosby had asked the police why there were no black cops there.

Rosby’s attorney, Michael Gulden, said his client was simply filming the police incident and not obstructing officers as the police alleged.

Rosby is seen in the video, walking close to the police with a rottweiler dog as he films on is phone. After talking with the officers, Rosby is heard saying “Civil rights violation” as he returns the dog to his car.

Some police officers then approached Rosby who walks back in their direction and he is arrested and handcuffed. At this point, the dog is barking in the car and soon jumps out of the vehicle through the rear window and up at one of the police officers.

At this point, the dog is shot four times and killed.

The Hawthorne police department have not yet commented officially on the barricade incident or the fatal shooting of the dog. It is expected that they will plead self-defense when a court action is brought against them by Rosby’s attorney.

It is clear that the Police were potentially in danger from the aggressive rottweiler dog. The question remains if they acted in self-defense or if shooting the animal four times was a disproportionate response.

Do you think that the police were justified in their arrest of Rosby? And were the police right to shoot the dog four times? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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113 Responses to “Police Shoot Dog Four Times, Was It Self-Defense? [Video]”

  1. Ed Psych Ward

    The cops knew the guy had a large dog. They were so busy trying to waive their little dicks around and arrest a guy for taking their picture ( which he is allowed to do)that they forgot to follow procedure and securing the dog by telling the man to lock his dog in the car. They were completely responsible for the escalation of the situation. It was the cops' fault. Chuck em in a pit of dogs.

  2. Lynton Phillips

    So sad to see the dog shot but the owner is a fuckwit and should have jumped in his car a left. He is also stirring the dog up by lunging forward as the cop did try to grab the dogs leed. It's pretty obvious there's a siege going on and this guy is just being a dick!

  3. Tim Fontana

    They are both at fault. The police shouldn't have arrested him, as far as I can tell, he did nothing wrong, unless they asked him not to come back, but they should have also asked him to make sure his dog could not get out. If one of them didn't ensure this then they should take part of the blame. The particular breed is often aggressive, when jumping, one can only take precaution, especially since, to the dog, it seemed as though they were threatening his master. They should really have fired a shot into the air first, when they first saw the dog, in the hope that it would go running, and at least when they had shot it, if it had to come to that, they should have put it out of its misery much quicker.

  4. Alin Cartis

    I hope that cop die in the same way that the dog die, I hope god punishises him in the same way to die lika that dog.

  5. Theodoros Panidis

    Cops Fault, they were aware of the dog, no excuse for not making it clear to the owner to lock the dog, also the dog did not directly attack from what I can see on the video the dog hesitated, I think the officer was shooting out of fear. The correct would be to try calm the dog by asking the owner to get it to sit. Lets be real the dog owner was not going to go anyway and had not really done anything illegal as far as I see.

  6. Amanda French

    What about the guy video taping him or the other guy to the left in the picture? That dog was just protecting his owner and clearly did not biting or harming the police? That is just wrong I am so heart broken for that poor baby. Those cops make me sick!!!! They need to be fired and put in a mental hospital with white padded walls and a straight jacket to think about what they did

  7. Jesse Rierson

    The shooting was justified because the dog was being aggressive towards officers. however, the officers are the direct cause of the entire incident. they had no reason to approach the man filming because he had done nothing wrong. sometimes people with authority don't like that authority being questioned. I believe these officers were on nothing less than a power trip.

  8. Ginny Bacigalupi

    I would like to know the age of the dog. It looked young to me – maybe between 1-2 years old and still a puppy. That did not look like an attack to me, it looked more like separation anxiety and was only trying to reunite with its owner and also avoiding the officers – that jump was a warning to a stranger grabbing at him, not a lunge or attack.The third officer obviously was intent on killing the dog and probably should not be on the force as he over reacted and could have easily shot the owner, another officer or any other person on the street.

  9. Pauly Maloney

    the police CREATTED the situation they aggravated the situation THEY ARE WRONG AN SHOULD BE FIRED THEN CHARGED WITH ABUSE but they wont they will get a paid vacation an this will be put on hold till no one cares.

  10. Cheryl Huesken

    WTF is up with these cops shooting innocent dogs? This is the third article I have read in the last week about cops shooting people's pets. One cop shot a box of 6 week old kittens in front of small children saying "they will only be put down in a shelter anyway". Ghandi is right…"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man". Douche bags….

  11. George Hendrickson

    You should be asking, why are they arresting this guy for taking their picture? Do you realize that you live in a police state yet or are you still asleep?

  12. Pauly Maloney

    the police acted aggressively an the police created the situation the dog seemed to be ok till the police kicked at it, the dog was sniffing the ground in the video then the cop kicked at it then shot it the cop is a SCUM BAG AN SHOULD BE ARRESSTED.

  13. Susan Vorbeck

    Look, I agree that this whole situation sucks. I also agree that the cops didn't need to bother with the guy in the first place. I feel horrible for the dog, but at the point that he began barking and moving towards the officers he became a threat. Expecting an officer to wait until the dog already has him locked between his jaws is irrational. That poor dog is dead because the humans involved did not make good decisions up to the point that the dog jumped out of the car. At that point it was already too late.

  14. Evelyn Dittmar

    I didn't see an actual "attack". The dog approached but I saw no attack….My biggest problem is that they all stood there while this animal lay there suffering.

  15. Crystal Lussier

    It is a bunch of bs that the cop shot the dog. I didn't see the owner of the dog doing anything wrong for the cops to think they needed to arrest him. The cops are completely in the wrong.

  16. Tina Derrickson-Davis

    It didn't look like the dog was overly aggresive and seemed to back up twice and after the second time the third officer approached the dog so he snapped at his ankles and was shot – they over reacted and if their going to do something like that they need to not make the animal suffer.

  17. Sean Kane

    Don't cops still carry mace why go for the kill option so fast.

  18. Mark Weg

    hell yes it was self defense, the dog come charging out of the car. the guy shouldn't have been holding up that black phone and pointing at them at arms length, looked.
    like a gun, he could been the one that got shot.

  19. Deborah J. Ahrens Howe

    those cops had NO BUSINESS or RIGHT to shoot that dog! they knew the guy they cuffed had a dog in his car – what makes them think they can just do anything they want? cops today are way out of control! they need to be removed from the force….

  20. Donna Kutlus

    The police caused the incident in the first place. They accosted a man taking a video of them doing their job. They approached him and arrested him for no apparent reason after the man put the dog in his car. The dog was acting defensive with NO real active aggression other than trying to protect his owner. The leash was easily accessible and the dog could have been easily restrained as it was a well-behaved dog. They were totally in the wrong for shooting the dog. I completely support police in conducting their jobs and using force when necessary, but this was NOT necessary.

  21. Susanne McDaniel

    Difficult situation…the owner of the dog should have had him leashed; especially if the SWAT team was in a barricade situation, the man should not have even approached them asking about black cops. Now, I'm the biggest animal lover in the world and fight fiercely against animal abuse of any kind. However, from what I'm reading, this sounds like a situation where the owner was being irresponsible in the first place. My 15 year young shepherd mix has never bitten anyone…ever. However, I always keep her on a leash when we are outside or walking. And, we have been approached by other non-leashed dogs who…let's face facts…dogs will act on instinct, regardless of how well trained they are. Any responsible dog owner should know this and not be so cocky as to think, "Well, my dog would never hurt anyone." I can see why the dog jumped out of the car window…he was trying to protect his owner. And, I don't condone the actions of the officers; it was extreme. But, this whole situation could have been avoided if the owner of the dog had not been such an instigator in the first place. Think about it…

  22. Cindy Stockman Craig

    No the cop was not justified in shooting the dog! The man did nothing wrong and they had not approach him then his dog would still be alive today! The cop needs to be fired and charged with animal cruelty and false arrest! The man and his dog DID NOTHING WRONG!

  23. Cindy Stockman Craig

    No the cop was not justified in shooting the dog! The man did nothing wrong and they had not approach him then his dog would still be alive today! The cop needs to be fired and charged with animal cruelty and false arrest! The man and his dog DID NOTHING WRONG!

  24. Lu Presley

    If you look at the posture of the dog as it approaches the cops you will see it is submissive not aggressive. The bark is just that …a noise but the dog was practically on it's belly in approaching the officers. The shooting was not justified and neither was the arrest of the owner. If the cops had not tried to be such bad asses in arresting the guy the dog would not have been killed.

  25. Edna Mae Louise Kellar

    They shouldn't have even arrested the man there were many other people out there recording everything just like he was….Thay dog was reacting to having a stranger manhandle its ownsr

  26. Cindy Stockman Craig


  27. Sherress Henry

    They should be fired ….. They could have handled that a whole lot better .. That baby didn't do nothing wrong …

  28. Veneta Britt

    1) was he impeding their operation/investigation? 2) was he told to secure the dog BEFORE he was arrested? 3) was the dog attacking or trying to PROTECT it's master? 4) did any of the SWAT officers try to calm the dog before it was shot FOUR.

  29. Cindy Stockman Craig

    The cops should have told him to lock his dog up instead of abusing their authority in the situation..the dog did not attack anyone,, I think the cops get off on killing these innocent animals,,,,

  30. Amy Wagner Lang

    That cop should be fired they carry a tazer(sp?)for a reason and they could have let the try and get him under control I have a lab sweet as can be and if he saw anyone man handling me and he didn't know them he would try and protect me dud should be fired and charged with animal cruelty

  31. Dana WitchiePoo Walker

    that was straight up bullshit that dog was not violent at all! and dog would do the same thing if its owner was being touched by a stranger that the dog did not know! those cops should lose their badges and never be aloud to work in law enforcement again! and get jail time and pay that guy for his mental anguish of losing his dog like that! I hope he sues the shit outta those cops! RIP Pup! :(

  32. Jeanette Camelio

    I cannot see any possible reason for those cop to arrest that man, and then they kill his fucking dog? R-O-N-G wrong. I wish that I believed in hell so that I could wish them there.

  33. Dana WitchiePoo Walker

    they could have tazed the dog and knocked him out long enough for them to let the owner put that dog away the owner was no resisting and the dog was just concerned for its owner which is wouldn't have been if the cops were not acting in a violent way to the the dogs owner! they didn't have to kill the dog!… cops got big heads now a days and think they control everything! and its BS!

  34. Sharon Kyro Garcia

    once again the cops play judge and jury, poor dog, he just wanted his owner.

  35. Lila Mumolo

    There was no reason for the police to approach this man. He was filming the situation which is legal. They could have tazed the dog. This is an abuse of their so called authority. Because it was an animal they feel like they can just blow it away. They should be arrested for aaimal abuse. But, like another person said, they won't if anything happens they will be put on a paid leave and when everything blows over will be back on the job. Ready to blow away a human next.

  36. Chassidy Loyalone Higgs

    this is another case of nosey ass people. I don't feel sorry for that man or his dog because he put himself in that situation. as we can see in the video there were other people recording but he want to act like a news reporter and get on the front line then want to talk to the police while they are doin their jobs. you guys can hate me for what I'm about to say but if I was a cop I would have shot the dog too because that is not my dog and I don't know what he is capable of. that dog is huge and I mean I'm not going to wait until he has his dam teeth in me to have cause to shoot him. I'm playing devils advocate here because people talk so bad about police but who's the 1st person you call when something happens. there are good/bad people everywhere in all prefessions so unless your just going to b in your own bubble in the world look at things on both sides of the glass ok…

  37. Maria Battles

    I agree with you Theodoros Pandis. If the Police would have released the man from the handcuffs to secure the dog,like letting the owner of the dog tie it to a fence or post as it was probably around 100 degrees outside and way to hot to put the dog in the car with the windows rolled up. The arrest was not necessary in the first place,as the guy did not obstruct justice,he was only video taping from a far. This is going to cost the tax payer boocoo in a lawsuit not to mention paid leave for the officers involved.

  38. Robert Taylor

    cops with guns think they can do what ever they want! I hope the cop dies like the dog someone puts a bullett in his head punk ass pig.

  39. Mary Walcott

    That dog did not act aggressive–he was trying to get to his owner. The guy was ready to leave and they had to go and show him who's boss. Not allowed to say what you think against these gun-ho assholes. Absolutely heinous and disgusting act.

  40. Nikki Bentley

    I hope they fire those fucking bitch ass cops.. that dog was not attacking and he/she was acting on instinct. There are other ways they could have handled that situation.. fucking pigs!

  41. Karina Karinachka

    Fuckers! the dog would not have bite them! then they shoot him and let him suffer the dog was NOT being agressive he was just barking, he was scared the guy even put the dog away in his car! Yes he should be fired!

  42. Geree Morris

    He should have kept his distance and his mouth shut! wish they hadn't shot the dog but clearly he was told to back off its ok to film it but to be out screaming and approaching the way he did was just stupid! Past police actions have us overly cautious BUT getting too close and bullying the officers is dangerous for both the officers and civilians! I mean look at the situation really dude you don't see the big raid tank and all the cars? Somebody was in big trouble and could even have been armed and here he comes screaming at the police NOT over civil rights violations just pissed period that they are even there ITS THE TRUTH I see it all the time in my neighborhood the pushers and users film all the raids because they hate the police not because of brutality but because It hurts (THE GAME) I mean really why was the dog even out of the car while he was filming?

  43. Ashley Renee Sauceda

    That man may have been exercising his freedom of speech but wth? Really. Why was the man handcuffed?? Power trip much. One of the officers even seemed overly aggressive. The dog saw that aggression and acted. That was his owner. I didn't see him bit anyone. I don't think they should be in that business.

  44. Deb Meyers

    The cops were absolutely in the wrong on at least two counts. 1) They didn't give the man a chance to lock the dog in the car, so it couldn't get out, and 2) they had no reason to arrest the man who was only taking videos on his phone while walking his dog, PEACEFULLY!

  45. Cathy Sparks Frost

    I totally agree. Police officers are supposed to protect the innocent. This man WAS innocent and was doing NOTHING wrong. It is not illegal to film things that are publicly "happening." How else does film "appear" for the news every day?? REPORTERS are not arrested and their pets shot. Unless the cops were doing something not totally on the "up and up" why would they do this?? This is how "cops" get a bad name. They act like jackasses – and then expect public respect?? They were being high and mighty cocky – and the dog was trying to protect it's owner. I think it was DISGUSTING for the cops to inflict such undue pain on this animal! They make me SICK and I wish they WOULD be thrown to a pit of dogs! PATHETIC all the way around!

  46. Susan Vorbeck

    Again, I said this issue was mishandled by the humans involved. However, I certainly wouldn't stare a rott in the face knowing he sees me as an aggressor and not be concerned for my safety. Rotts are extremely loyal and powerful animals. He jumped towards the officer and was barking. Whether he intended to attack or not we will never know, but if I were armed I wouldn't wait for a giant dog to already be attacking me before I defended myself. The officers should be punished, but not for the act of shooting the dog. They should be punished for creating an issue and allowing it to escalate. That dog shouldn't have had to be in that situation.

  47. Karpat Zoltan

    If a man attacks an officer and tries to bite him, is he not shot? Why should an animal be treated better than a citizen?
    On the other hand a man (the police) should be smarter than an animal, and prevent such a situation from happening.

  48. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  49. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  50. Kim Keith Heinz

    the cops were wrong, if the cops did not want bystanders on the street, they should of cleared the streets, it is not a crime what the man with the dog was doing, we still have freedom of speech in this country, so arresting the man was wrong, as for the dog being placed in the car unsecured…well it turned out to be a wrong choice, however, there are other means than to pull out your gun and start shooting, there were other people at close range anyone of them could of been shot, this is aggresive force, the cops needs to be fired, and donate their time to a shelter where they can respect life, some cops put on a badge and believe they own the world, i hope the guy with the dog gets justice for his beloved dog, i am so sorry for your lose, and that you had to stand there and could do nothing to help, just watch, what nightmares and anger you must be feeling.

  51. Cathy Sparks Frost

    Lu Presley Exactly correct. This is just so angering to me! "Police Officers" seem to think they are God if they have that badge – very disgusting! I wouldn't trust a cop to help me anymore!

  52. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  53. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  54. Lonyienne Michell Hufeld

    The police had no right to shoot the dog. The dog was protecting his owner and did not attach anyone. The useless killing of animals is cruel and uncalled for. If the authorities are afraid of a dog they should carry tranquilizer guns. STOP the killing. The officers had no cause to arrest the man in the first place. The dog did not lounge or attack only barked. NO REASON TO KILL THE DOG. Fire the officers and fine them.

  55. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  56. Cathy Sparks Frost

    And the government is concerned about sane citizens with guns??? Take them away from the cops that are nuts!

  57. Cathy Sparks Frost

    Kristina McCartney Tidwell I read it….but my heart won't let me watch – because I will be SO upset and FURIOS1

  58. Donna Ferguson

    Those cops had no right to shoot the dog. I worked with cops I know what pigs they can be. That was just plain wrong and they should be fired. The same thing should happen to them.

  59. Janet OBrien

    Those cops committed one than one crime. Unlawful detention and murder. I am tired of pigs just killing dogs for no reason.

  60. Geree Morris

    He never should have been out of the car in the first place!!! Dude was putting on a show and trying to bully the cops!!! Why not roll the windows up a little higher so he cant get out and then go film with your mouth shut!?!?!?!?!

  61. Susanne McDaniel

    Okay, Cindy, you are correct. The dog is on a leash, originally. However, the owner should have just stayed out of the way and not provoked the officers in a highly charged situation. Again…I'm not condoning the shooting of the dog, whatsoever! I'm just saying that it could have been avoided.

  62. Bonnie Beck

    Jesse…You're full of schmidt. It's the officers that were aggressive not the dog.

  63. Cristina Carr

    I am not surprised to see this type of behavior from police officers. If we shoot a police dog, u get jail time. What will happen to these officers? NOTHING! They started the confusion by arresting someone who was filming them, (guilty bas-tirds) thatz why they get so upset when someone catches they ass on video. Then. they wonder how come so many people hate them. That dog was not doing anything to them except protecting his owner1 He didn't get crunk until they did. Police officers will have their day of judgment too, trust me. God says "vengeance is mine." They will have to answer to HIM one day. All of the pigs!!! But there are good police out there, they are just lost in the mix with the bad ones or they get corrupted eventually. I don't want my sons to be Police, I don't want my husband to be Police because it is not a honorable occupation MOST of the time. As with any political institution, police are not immune to getting away with "murder" or being corrupted.

  64. Emily Hopper

    What the hell was his reason for asking why "no black cops were at this scene?" Seriously, he could have avoided all of this if he just minded his own and kept it moving. He killed his own dog. Poor pup :(

  65. Craig Agosta

    So many idiots on here. The man was arrested most likely for disobaying a lawful order to leave the area, disturbing the peace, hindering a police investigation, interfering with a police officer are just the minimum I can see in the video. The man clearly walks towards the police in an aggressive manner with purpose(apparently to get arrested) I would never send a person I was about to arrest back to his car to get his dog that's asking to be attacked. The officers attempted several yes to get the dog to go away and it didn't. The dog clearly lunges towards the officer and is stopped by the bullets hitting him. The only person to blame is the idiot herraasing the police while they were found their job. If I came to McDonalds and herrassed you at your work you would call the police and have me removed and I would be arrested if I failed to comply with that lawful order.if i hung out on the corner and drove away your customers ( johns and drug buyers) you would assault me and probably my shoot me.some idiot on here wants the officers to fire a round in the air to war. The dog. Are you kidding me? First if it doesn't scare the dog the officer will be mauled second that's a bullet dumbass law of physics " what goes up must come down" so now your grandma has a bullet land on her head and kill her because you think a warning shot might make an animal "think" " hey this man has a gun and means business, I guess I will h
    Just sit and let him pat me on the head. The idiot dog owner is solely responsible for securing his animal and the actions of that animal should it get loose. He is the only person responsible here. Sad to see the dog get shot but everyone of you would do the same thing if you had the balls to protect yourself from an attack and not be a victim. If that dog was biting you you would beg this officers to shoot it. Ignorant America. You are all the reason this country is so f'ed up. If the police are doing their job get out of the way shut your mouth and record it if you must. If the do something wrong you have the video take it to the news or the police dept.or the D.A.s office if you don't trust the police.

  66. Tammy Toetz Rodgers

    over use of force yes the dog was acting aggressive but again he is a DOG regardless if breed no need to shoot a innocent animal like that.

  67. Bonnie Beck

    These cops need to suspended without pay. The cops recreated the situation. It was deliberately. The cops were standing there doing nothing and were bored so they had to create some limelight for themselves. Well they got the liemlight…but it isn't looking good for them. Someone else filmed the whole thing..bravo!

  68. Renea Bondurant

    There was no need for that dog to have been shot! He was scared and trying to get to his owner for security and comfort. The owner had done nothing to be arrested for. The cop that shot the dog, needs to be retrained on shooting a weapon if he can't shoot any between than that, if he felt threatened by this dog the. He should have been able to take him out in one shot. That cop is a dumbass. Hope the owner sues the hell out of the department and that one cop specifically.

  69. David Hazelton

    These abuse of power Gestapo Cops need to be treated the same as Michael Vick, both are dog killers.
    No doubt the big mouthed owner of the dog was stupid best thing to do is report he police action show the videos but not address the thugs directly. But the police were pricks.

  70. Rhonda Bulletts

    DAMN SHAME a beautiful dog was killed because of STUPID owner & BECAUSE he didn't secure dog in car & trigger happy cops didn't WARN GUY of potential Shooting of dog……….VERY DISTURBING!
    OWNERS need to be cautious of BIG dogs………….COPS are EAGER to Kill them.

  71. Colleen Kelly-Allen

    Flat out murder of that poor dog…owner could have controlled dog…not necessary to shoot…crazy stressed cops and guns never mix…so sad.

  72. Deborah J. Ahrens Howe

    I agree, the guy should not have been out of his car – but that did not give the cop the right to shoot the dog!! he should have let the owner talk to his dog – that dog was trying to protect his owner – VERY, VERY POOR JUDGEMENT on everyones part!! and the dog was the one that suffered and paid the ultimate price!

  73. Joanne Nicini Gibbons

    This is soooo messed up on all levels! since when is it a crime to take public videos? and what? They can't find enough criminals to rough up? They could have allowed the man to bring the dog back to the car…..but no, they shot the poor pooch, not once, but 4 freakin times! I hope their heads roll! I'm not against law enforcers but these jackasses took it wayyyy too far! smh

  74. Jessica Anne Boyd

    I saw this yesterday and immediately started crying. This pisses me off to no end.

  75. Jessica Anne Boyd

    I saw this yesterday and immediately started crying. This pisses me off to no end.

  76. Kim Bette-Wright

    Saw this guy on the news last night crying but hadn't seen the video. Breaks my heart! For the dog and the owner. :(

  77. Craig Agosta

    I obviously wasn't there but I'm quite sure the police gave this man a lawful order to leave the area. If it comes from a police officer it is a lawful order you must obey or be arrested. If the police are wrong in their order and violate your rights your attorney will eat them up and you can get rich. All I hear on the news and internet from idiots like the ones posting on Here Is how Zimmerman didn't listen to the dispatcher that said don't follow Trayvon Martin. Your right things may have turned out different had he listened to this (suggestion) not (lawful order) as the dispatcher is not a law enforcement officer and has no legal authority in such a matter they can only suggest what they believe is the best course of action. Things may have been worse too if he didn't follow him. What if he listened to the dispatcher and what if Trayvon wasn't the angel we all know he was since his family and friends tell us, and he was actually a terrorist or cereal killer and was getting ready to set off a bomb or shooting spree. It doesn't hurt anyone to watch them and make sure they are not up to bad things. If they physically attack you for watching them they probably were up to no good.

  78. Deni Shoemaker

    the cops were soooo wrong, the dog was just confused and concerned about his owner, they should have told the owner to close the windows right away, they had no reason to put the guy in handcuffs, they should have told him to grap his dog as soon as he jumped out of the window and the dog was only barking and trying to get to his owner he was not agressive.

  79. Claudia Morris Chappo

    This is absolutely horrid. There was no reason to arrest the man. They could have sent him on his way. There was also no reason to shoot the dog either. The dog's approach was submissive. Even when he jumped up, it did NOT look like an aggressive jump. It looked like he was trying to get to his owner. If that Rottie WAS after that cop, he would have knocked him on his ass! They should have had the man or someone else secure the dog back in the car or have someone grab it's leash. He was NOT a threat! The A-HOLE who shot the dog, couldn't even make an accurate kill shot, causing the dog unnecessary pain & suffering by shooting it many times! THIS ENTIRE INCIDENT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! Too many cops think they are "Dirty Harry"! They should be FIRED & legally punished! They were the perpetrators here, not the man filming & DEFINITELY not the dog. And WHY didn't they secure that area by clearing people out? All those police cars…even the swat van? WTF? These cops are the kind that give other cops a bad name. They make me sick!

  80. Bruce Jones

    Had the dog's owner gotten in his car and went on his way none of this would have happened. If he felt there were illegal activities being undertaken by the police he should have made sure his dog was properly restrained in the vehicle and then he could have filmed them. He was shouting something at them. I don't know if it was a threat or not but the officers reacted immediately. The cops were in a tactical situation and will not tolerate much interference from bystanders let alone from a lunging dog. It is the dog's owner's fault an no one else's. Period.

  81. Mary Ann Amspaugh

    Those cops were in the wrong no matter what all that dog did was jump as ANY dog would have done even theirs they should have just left the guy handle his dog but no cuff him what did he do that was so wrong they just wanted to shoot something or even maybe someone that is just wrong they need to pay for that dog. They are just wrong.

  82. Chasity M. Betts-archer

    This is very graphic I wish I had just read about it instead of watching the video. These cops could have very easily let the owner secure the dog they didn't have to shoot it then walk away while lied there screaming and bleeding to death!

  83. Toni Hoenicke

    I am shaking so hard right now I can't believe those stinking cops shot that poor dog like that! OMG, they did NOT need to do that. They could have let that guy put the dog in the car and have someone come pick it up. They were just pissed off that he took their pictures! They should ALL be charged with animal cruelty. My heart goes out to the owner. I am so sorry for the loss of you family/pet!

  84. Kyle Jackson

    I hope all those fuckin pigs die. Slow and painful and let them suffer just like they let that dog suffer. All cops need to be exterminated

  85. Toni Hoenicke

    One more thing, after they shot that poor dog, they stood there and WATCHED IT SUFFER! How inhumane can they get?

  86. Stephanie Powers-Piccolo

    OMG!!! This is horrible. There was absolutely NO reason AT ALL for that dog to be shot. My heart literally sank seeing this. That poor dog. The cops should definitely be held accountable for this act of cruelty. So sad

  87. Gary Howe

    I have to agree, that dog was not vicious, just trying to protect his ignorant loudmouth owner, we all know the caliber person, and why he had a rotwiller in the first place. Cops should have shot him and praised the dog.

  88. Lenny Caron

    I am Usually on the cops side But this is BULLSHIT I Hope the COPS that killed that dog DIE This man was doing nothing wrong, He is free to video tape and do what he wants This is america. He even put the dog in the car to talk to the cops. I am soo Fkin pissed at this I wish I was there I prob would have been shot but that poor dog was protecting his owner plus the cops Knew he had the dog I hope they DIE.

  89. Rita Palmer

    So, the stupid cops were gun happy and bored and had to handcuf an innocent man and shoot his dog. Big bad guys with nothing to do..standing around with guns..talking about this man's dog. They should be suspended from duty and fined…and they should have to buy this man a trained dog, or train one for him.

  90. Jerome Espiritu

    I see the police/swat team involved in a barricaded situation. Then I see an onlooker becoming a distraction and inciting potential crowd control problems when he starts screaming "civil rights violation!" It was his responsibility to secure his dog the first time and he failed because the dog escaped and became a threat. I love dogs and feel 4 shots may have been excessive but the cops were within their right to protect themselves.

  91. Kelly Millar-Wellman

    None of you sticking up for this IDIOT have a clue what he was saying to the cops! Surely they didn't just walk up and cuff him for nothing! They are in the middle of an obviously critical situation and he wants to run his mouth? WTH? I am horrified that his dog died and it made me bawl my eyes out, but it is all the owner's fault! Freakin' moron! Mind your own danged business! He had an audience he was trying to impress. Obstructing official business. I guarantee he will end up suing this department and winning his case, which is BS! Meanwhile this poor dog had to suffer the consequence of human stupidity. The dog was attacking the cops. I wish they had only shot it once, but who knows what you would do in that situation? I would have freaked out and that is more than likely what the officer did. Rotts are big dogs, and are very protective of their owners. I am saddened terribly by this, but no way am I taking this idiot's side!

  92. Mayra Clavel

    I think that is soo wrong on so many levels, if they were going to arrest the man for taking thier picture they should of let the man secure his dog so he would not have jumped out of the car, anyone who has had a dog like a rot should know he will defend his owner till the end as this one did. I have had many rot's and this is their nature, the man has to be devastated to see his dog being killed like that right in front of him, my stomach churned just looking at the video rip doggie.

  93. Rita Diane Palmer

    The dog did not try to bite the cop..he was completely backing away..he only wanted to help his owner…and was not attacking anyone.. just dumb cops with their thumbs in their mouth

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