Grand Theft Auto In Real Life

‘Grand Theft Auto’ In Real Life, Video Depicts Gritty Violence Of Video Game

When gamers come under attack for playing ultra-violent games such as Grand Theft Auto, they typically note that the games are just an example of role-playing with graphics and scenarios that don’t match real life.

So what exactly would Grand Theft Auto look like in real life? YouTube user TyVerteLive decided to show us the answer to that question.

Posted on June 29, the video has already received nearly 8,000 pageviews.

The Grand Theft Auto real life recreation video is haunting if for no other reason than the lack of emotion on the characters’ faces. The video also takes some liberties with ammo reloading and jet packs to show just how ludicrous some aspects of the game can become when translated into real life.

Many game experts have fought over the true effects games have on gamers. Some experts argue that the hyper-violence can cause real-life violence to form; others have argued that the lack of real-life graphics and obvious fantastical stories deter real life violence.

Whatever side of the gaming violence fence you sit on, it’s hard to watch this video and not develop an almost immediate opinion.

What message do you think the Grand Theft Auto Real Life video delivers to gamers and non-gamers?