O.J. Simpson

Charlotte Kirk Cast As Nicole Brown In O.J. Movie


A film based on the life of O.J. Simpson is currently in the works, and the part of Nicole Brown Simpson, the football star’s murdered wife, has been filled. British actress Charlotte Kirk (Non-Stop) will play Nicole in the controversial film.

Joshua Newton will write and direct the film, titled An American Mystery, which promises to take a balanced approach to the infamous and controversial O.J. Simpson trial. The film could be finished for release next summer, but it’s already stirring up quite a bit of controversy.

A press release for the movie reveals Kirk’s participation in the film:

“Ms. Kirk’s portrayal of Nicole Brown-Simpson will span the period from when she first met the famed running back as an 18 year old in 1977 to her untimely death in 1994.”

It is unknown who will star alongside Kirk in the film. The real-life O.J. Simpson is currently serving a jail sentence that could last up to 33 years for his connection with the theft of memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room and a bizarre kidnapping charge.

According to the press release, Simpson “expressed interest” in starring in the film, an offer that Newton “flatly rejected.”

In what has been called the “trial of the century,” Simpson was charged with the murder of Nicole Brown and a friend in 1994. The trial captivated the nation, and the ultimate “not guilty” verdict stunned many. It is still popularly held by some that Simpson got away with murder.

His attempt at publishing If I Did It in 2007, a book that describes how he would have killed Nicole Brown. The book was cancelled, but many viewed it as his confession.

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