GameStop offers first public glimpse of Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Xbox One, PlayStation 4: GameStop To Host First Chance To Play In Las Vegas

GameStop will give us our first chance to play with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Las Vegas!

The console war has been raging since day one, and thanks to some reversals on Microsoft’s part, there is still a chance that there is no definite winner yet. The PlayStation 4 came out of the gate with the announcement of their console, but at the time they only showed their DualShock 4 controller. Then in the months leading up to Xbox One’s May reveal, Microsoft kept an almost violent lid on their plans, leading to tons of rumors and speculation, and even leading to former creative director Adam Orth losing his position with the company over statements made on Twitter.

In a rather upsetting move on Microsoft‘s part, they confirmed the weekend before E3 2013 that all of our fears about DRM and internet connectivity were true. Microsoft’s stubbornness alone almost cost GameStop their business, as the company’s stock plummeted by around 20 percent overnight after the Xbox One confirmation. It wasn’t until about a week after E3 2013, when it seemed Sony had the console war already won, that Microsoft turned around and announced that the Xbox One would not be using DRM or require online check-ins.

Soon afterward, we began focusing on the price and the value of each console, at which point Sony mentioned they had taken the camera out of the PS4’s bundle to keep the price competitive. Microsoft still insists that the Kinect is integral to the Xbox One’s operation, and alongside a prepackaged game, they boast the value of the console as the reason it’s a hundred dollars more.

Apparently GameStop, in an effort to put themselves back in the public favor, has announced that they will be hosting an event in Las Vegas where the public will be given a chance to actually get their mitts on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. GameStop wants you to see what you’re getting, and they know the only way to make that happen is to put the controllers in your hands.

The GameStop Expo will take place at The Sands Expo in Las Vegas this August 28, and general admission will run you $35. VIP tickets will get you exclusive early access an hour ahead of everyone else.

Will you be at the GameStop Expo and check out the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before they’re released to the public?