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Lance Armstrong: ‘It Was Impossible To Win Tour De France Without Doping’

Lance Armstrong Tour de France

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is still defending his doping during the Tour de France victories.

Armstrong was stripped off his titles and banned from cycling after tests determined that he had used illegal substances to cheat during his 1999-2005 seven victory run.

In an interview with the French publication Le Monde, Armstrong stated:

“It would have been impossible to win the Tour de France without doping.”

Not mincing words, when asked if riders won races while being drug free Armstrong said, “It depends on the races. The Tour de France? No. Impossible to win without doping.”

French rider Bernard Hinault was prompt to react to the comments saying, “He must not know what it was like to ride without doping.”

Armstrong lost his titles in 2012 after the US Anti-Doping Agency uncovered the years of cheating and denying doping claims in a report.

The Agency called Lance Armstrong’s doping the “most sophisticated in the history of sport.”

The former cyclist also had choice words for the agency saying that they have ruined his life and have not accomplished anything positive for the sport in the process.

“I did not invent doping. Sorry, Travis,” the 41-year-old Armstrong said, referring to USADA CEO Travis Tygart. “And it has not stopped with me. I just took part in the system.

“The USADA ‘reasoned decision’ perfectly managed to destroy a man’s life but it has not benefited cycling at all.”

Armstrong also took jabs at the International Cycling Union (UCI) and its president Pat McQuaid, who has been accused of allegedly covering up for the American.

“The UCI refuses to establish a ‘Truth and Reconciliation commission’ because the testimony that everyone would want to hear would bring McQuaid, (his predecessor) Hein Verbruggen and the whole institution down.” he added.

Lance Armstrong was once considered the best cyclist the sport had ever seen.

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3 Responses to “Lance Armstrong: ‘It Was Impossible To Win Tour De France Without Doping’”

  1. Steven Mendelson

    I think Lance has done many wonderful things in his life, and I agree with his position. For most of the years Lance won it has been established that most or all of the top 10 finishers were doping, and there is little reason not to believe that all of them were doping. His first book about his battle with cancer was greatly inspiring to an old cynic (me), his work for raising funds for cancer research, encouraging cancer patients to fight the disease, raising money to give the caregivers of cancer patients some respite, and his effects on cycling world wide were terrific. HOWEVER, no one believes Lance is the greatest cyclist of all time. That honor unquestionably goes to Eddy Merckx. from Wikipedia:

    "…considered to be the greatest pro-cyclist ever.

    The French magazine Vélo described Merckx as "the most accomplished rider that cycling has ever known,"[2] while VeloNews of the United States declared him to be the greatest and most successful cyclist of all time.[3].

    Merckx, who turned professional in 1965, won the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia five times each, and the Vuelta a España once. He also won all of professional cycling's classic "monument" races at least twice each (with 19 Classics victories in all).[2] Merckx was World Champion once as an amateur and three times as a professional, and he even broke the world hour record before retiring in 1978."

    Any serious follower of cycoling knows Eddy The Cannibal was the greatest.

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